Jesca Hoop – The House That Jack Built Review

It’s like all of those other recent quirky pop albums, except that this one is worth listening to.

Bella Union, 2012

8.2 / 10.0


On one hand, Jesca Hoop can easily be lumped in with the increasing number of quirky female singer-songwriters who would just as soon warble something vaguely emotional as breathe, and that’s when they’re not doing their best Zooey Deschanel impression (don’t get me started on She & Him). Hoop’s latest album, The House That Jack Built, doesn’t contain a mix of indie-rock and pop so much as it does indie-pop songs separated by the occasional acoustic jam, with the slower songs containing such a considerable dip in quality that it can make one question if what preceded it was good in the first place. It doesn’t help that Hoop’s songs don’t contain the best writing.

On the other hand, The House That Jack Built is far better executed than it might seem on paper. Hoop discards most of what doesn’t work for her peers, opting to, you know, sing about her troubles rather than wallow in them, and the backing music on many of these tracks is downright inspired. The end result is an album that will stay with you for some time so long as you ignore/forgive its slower moments.

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