Sunday Leftovers: Beck, Flaming Lips, John Newman, more!

 Photo: Peter Hapak

Photo: Peter Hapak

When the Singles Buffet is so full of servings on Saturday, there’s bound to be leftovers. Enjoy some of the leftovers with new music from Beck, The Flaming Lips, John Newman, and more! Let us know what you like on our Facebook and be sure to give us a follow on Hype Machine.

Beck – “Love” (John Lennon Cover)

More of Beck: Website

The Flaming Lips – “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” (The Beatles Cover)

More of The Flaming Lips: Website

John Newman – “Losing Sleep” (TÂCHES Remix)

More of TÂCHES: Facebook

Terravita & Casey Desmond – “Settle The Score” (Case & Point Remix)

More of Case & Point: Website

The DuBarrys – “This Time”

More of The DuBarrys: Website

Little India – “Sleep”

More of Little India: Facebook

Tears & Marble – “What is Love” (Haddaway Cover)

More of Tears & Marble: Twitter

Feminist – “Ome”

More of Feminist: Facebook

Gorgeous Bully – “Sinking Feeling”

More of Gorgeous Bully: Bandcamp

Mister Sweatband – “I Got On My Shades”

More of Mister Sweatband: Twitter

Sidney York – “Hearts”

More of Sidney York: Website

Bill Wants – “Parvenu”

More of Bill Wants: Facebook

Laura Welsh – “Undiscovered” (Zed Bias Remix)

More of Laura Welsh: Facebook

Dragon Suplex – “Take That”

More of Dragon Suplex: Facebook

Tim Larson – “6”

More of Tim Larson: Website

Modern Baseball – “Your Graduation”

More of Modern Baseball: Website

Missill – “LovaKilla” (tropkillaz remix)

More of Missill: Website

Nicole Atkins – “Girl You Look Amazing”

More of Nicole Atkins: Website

Martin Garrix & Jay Hardway – “Wizard” (Shaun Frank MTHFKN Edit)

More of Shaun Frank: Facebook

St. South – “Slacks” (Infinitefreefall Remix)

More of St. South: Facebook

Moko – “Freeze” (Mura Masa Remix)

More of Moko: Website

I’lls – “Mine’s Here or My End’s Here or Nineteen” (Ktsche Remix)

More of Ktsche: Facebook

Bombs Away – “Better Luck Next Time” (Reece Low Remix)

More of Bombs Away: Facebook

Ashleye Armelin – “Let Love”

More of Ashleye Armelin: Facebook

Peppermint Pumpkin – “No Snowman Sees The Spring”

More of Peppermint Pumpkin: Facebook

Spirit Kid – “Slow It Down”

More of Spirit Kid: Website

Kraak & Smaak – “Don’t Let People” (Moods Remix)

More of Kraak & Smaak: Facebook

Mark Daumail – “Monsters” (Donovans Rmx)

More of Donovans: Website

Samuel Truth – “rua”

More of Samuel Truth: Bandcamp

Roberto Mermand & Polina – “Gone Too Far” (Sevag Remix)

More of Sevag: Website

Ellie Goulding – “Burn” (The Letter “C” Remix)

More of The Letter “C”: Facebook

Franki Love – “Make Love” (Bearson Remix)

More of Bearson: Facebook

Del Hombre – “Bitch”

More of Del Hombre: Facebook

Maneo – “Stars” (Radio Edit)

More of Maneo: Facebook

Le Roi Crocodile – “Heart of Gold” (Neil Young Cover)

More of Le Roi Crocodile: Facebook

Phil Beaudreau – “Won’t Get Away”

More of Phil Beaudreau: Website

Slippertails – “I Will Prevail”

More of Slippertails: Bandcamp

Alexandra Stewart – “Lullabye” (Fancy Colors REMIX)

More of Fancy Colors: Soundcloud

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