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Singles Buffet

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Ariel Pink and Jorge Elbrecht

our best dishes….

Jorge Elbrose (Ariel Pink and Jorge Elbrecht) – “Called To Ring”

More of Jorge Elbrose: Label

MEIKO – “Wonderful Christmastime” (Paul McCartney Cover)

More of MEIKO: Website

HAIM – “Forever” (Giorgio Moroder Remix)

More of HAIM: Website

Audion (Matthew Dear) – “Sky”

More of Audion: Website

Bondax – “Fires” ft. Josh Record

More of Bondax: Facebook

Wolf Alice – “Blush” (Duncan Murray Remix)

More of Duncan Murray: Facebook

Seinabo Sey – “Younger”

More of Seinabo Sey: Website

Augustines – “Nothing To Lose But Your Head”

More of Augustines: Website

The Lighthouse And The Whaler – “Venice” (Nikno Remix)

More of Nikno: Facebook

and the rest…

BMAN – “Lose It”

More of BMAN: Website

Dzeko & Torres – “Highline” *Preview*

More of Dzeko & Torres: Website

LIPS – “Freddy Bardot”

More of LIPS: Facebook

ZZ Ward – “365 Days” (Jerry Folk Remix)

More of Jerry Folk: Facebook

Oliver Heldens – “Gecko” (Preview)

More of Oliver Heldens: Website

CHAPPO – “I Don’t Need The Sun”

More of CHAPPO: Facebook

Secret Colours – “It Can’t Be Simple”

More of Secret Colours: Website

Cherub – “Doses & Mimosas” (The Knocks Remix)

More of Cherub: Website

Peter Thomas – “All of You” (feat. Betty Who)

More of Peter Thomas: Facebook

Betty Who – “Somebody Loves You” (Starsmith Remix)

More of Starsmith: Website

Styalz Fuego x Stuck Note – “Wait Up”

More of Styalz Fuego: Facebook

DCUP – “Magic”

More of DCUP: Facebook

Todd Terje – “Spiral”

More of Todd Terje: Website

Miley Cyrus – “Wrecking Ball” (Afrojack Remix)

More of Afrojack: Website

Bit Funk – “Soul Satisfaction”

More of Bit Funk: Website

Far East Movement – “There Will Be No Rain” (Kill Paris Remix)

More of Kill Paris: Facebook

Elizabeth Rose – “The Good Life” (Emoh Instead ‘Poolside’ Mix)

More of Elizabeth Rose: Facebook

Disclosure – “Latch” feat. Sam Smith (Deux Remix)

More of Deux: Facebook

Imagine Dragons – “Demons” (Dzeko & Torres ‘Sunset’ Remix)

More of Dzeko & Torres: Website

Leona Lewis – “Bleeding Love” (Challenger Remix)

More of Challenger: Website

Maya Vik – “Teen Spirit” ft. Dawn Richard

More of Maya Vik: Website

Molly Beanland – “Night Dreams” (Radio Edit)

More of Molly Beanland: Facebook

Clara Lofaro – “Born to Love You” (Jenaux Remix)

More of Jenaux: Facebook

Young Hysteria – “This Is Not A Love Song”

More of Young Hysteria: Facebook

Thomas Ray – “4th Wave”

More of Thomas Ray: Facebook

The Red Baron – “Sway”

More of The Red Baron: Facebook

Pillar Point – “Eyeballs”

More of Pillar Point: Website

Beat Culture – “Drifter” ft. Psychic Twin

More of Beat Culture: Facebook

Ben Khan – “Savage”

More of Ben Khan: Facebook

Solvent – “King Vincent”

More of Solvent: Website

Charles Bradley (Featuring The Bullets) – “Ain’t It A Sin”

More of Charles Bradley: Website

Tropic of Pisces – “Symmetry”

More of Tropic of Pisces: Facebook

Mode Moderne – “Strangle the Shadows”

More of Mode Moderne: Website

Netherfriends – “Joey Vision”

More of Netherfriends: Website

Kurt von Stetten – “Those That Know”

More of Kurt von Stetten: Bandcamp

Pompeya – “Power” (Jimmy Edgar Remix)

More of Jimmy Edgar: Facebook

Adult Jazz – “Springful”

More of Adult Jazz: Website

As Animals – “As Animals”

More of As Animals: Facebook

Wild Ones – “Rivals” (Trails and Ways Remix)

More of Wild Ones: Website

Andrew Ashong – “Special”

More of Andrew Ashong: Website

Caveman – “In The City” (Vacationer Remix)

More of Vacationer: Website

Snoh Aalegra – “Burning Bridges”

More of Snoh Aalegra: Website

Color War – “SOS”

More of Color War: Website

Mélissa Laveaux – “Pie Bwa”

More of Mélissa Laveaux: Facebook

Debukas – “Rings” (Tuff City Kids Remix)

More of Debukas: Website

Stooki Sound – “Geodesic”

More of Stooki Sound: Website

Diplo – “Revolution” (Drek Martinez Remix)

More of Drek Martinez: Soundcloud

Starar – “Wanna Be”

More of Starar: Website

Toliesel – “Whispered Half Asleep”

More of Toliesel: Website

Phoenix – “Trying To Be Cool” (Allure Remix)

More of Allure: Facebook

RAC – “Let Go” (Betablock3r Remix)

More of Betablock3r: Facebook

Goldroom – “Embrace” (Death to the Throne Remix)

More of Death to the Throne: Facebook

SALM – “Toy Spark Gun” (feat. Dan Black)

More of SALM: Website

Yell For Help – “Love Will Keep Us Together” (Rambo Hollywood Remix)

More of Rambo Hollywood: Facebook

Jubilee Courts – “Room with a View”

More of Jubilee Courts: Website

Be Forest – “Colours”

Be Forest – Colours

More of Be Forest: Website

Eli & Fur x Davidian – “Let It Go”

More of Eli & Fur: Website

FEMME – “Fever Boy” (Cadence Weapon remix)

More of FEMME: Website

The Lowest Pair – “Living Is Dying”

More of The Lowest Pair: Website

Factory Floor – “Turn It Up” (Carl Craig Remix)

More of Factory Floor: Facebook

French Horn Rebellion & Savoir Adore – “The Fire”

More of French Horn Rebellion: Website

And that does it for this week! Let us know what you like in the comments or on our Facebook page!

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