PLAYLISTS ET CETERA: #005: The Lost Songs of November 2013


This week on PLAYLISTS ET CETERA, we take a look at the lost songs of November, 2013.

Today’s entertainment culture is devoted to discovering the Next Big Thing. Sure, getting excited about an upcoming release is fun, but it’s tiring, and it never gives us a chance to enjoy the music that we do have. For example, there was so much hype built around Lady Gaga’s Artpop, people were already tired of it by the time the album actually came out. As the music industry becomes more and more centered around blockbuster releases, some great acts get lost in the shuffle. So, on the first Monday of every month, PLAYLISTS ET CETERA will take a look back at the previous months’ hidden gems.

If you think you caught all of the best music November had to offer, check out our playlist.

cheap time band


Ane Brun & Linnea Olsson– “Halo” (Beyonce Knowles cover)
Stripping songs down to their bare features is old hat when it comes to covers. However, Ane Brun dismantles Beyonce’s hit “Halo”, and in so doing gives it more passion and tenderness than the original even approaches. Stripping the song of its original production, the lyrics are only enhanced in this impromptu, minimalist cover.
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Cate le Bon – “Mug Museum”
Read our review of Mug Museum.

Jus Post Bellum – “Sonny”
Read our review of Oh July.

Stornoway – “You Don’t Know Anything”
Read our review of You Don’t Know Anything.

Psapp – “Wet Salt”
Read our review of What Makes Us Glow.

Ejecta – “Eleanor Lye”
Read our review of Dominae.

ERAAS – “Looking Glass/Pettibon”
Read our review of Initiation.

I’m In You – “Call Me When You’re Drunk”
Read our review of Trust.

Blood Orange – “You’re Not Good Enough”
Read our review of Cupid Deluxe.

Connan Mockasin – “Do I Make You Feel Shy?”
Read our review of Caramel.

Cut Copy – “Dark Corners & Mountain Tops”
Read our review of Free Your Mind.

Jeffrey Novak – “Heritage Towers”

Soviet Soviet – “Ecstasy”
Read our review of Fate.

Melvins – “I Told You I Was Crazy”
Read our review of Tres Cabrones.

Cheap Time – “Same Surprise”
Read our review of Exit Smiles.

Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer – “The Problem With Saints” (live)
Originally created in the 8-In-8 event with Ben Folds and Damien Kulash (OK Go). These four artists locked themselves in a studio for eight hours and promised eight songs. “The Problem With Saints” was a standout then, and it’s a standout now, on Gaiman & Palmer’s massive, massive live set.
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Caspian – “CMF”
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A Wilhelm Scream – “Born A Wise Man”
Read our review of Partycrasher.

What songs did I miss? What songs deserve to be on this playlist? What songs shouldn’t be on this playlist in the first place? Want to tell me how I screwed this one up? Have a suggestion for a playlist theme? Sound off on Facebook, Twitter, or the comments below!

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