Sunday Leftovers: Jamie xx, Röyksopp, Panama, and more!

Jamie xx

When the Singles Buffet is so full of servings on Saturday, there’s bound to be leftovers. Enjoy some of the leftovers with new music from Jamie xx, Röyksopp, Panama, and more! Let us know what you like on our Facebook and be sure to give us a follow on Hype Machine.

Jamie xx – “Untitled (Unreleased)”

More of Jamie xx: Website

Röyksopp – “Something In My Heart” (Feat. Jamie Irrepressible)

More of Röyksopp: Website

Panama – “Destroyer”

More of Panama: Website

Future Brown – “World’s Mine” [ft. Prince Rapid, Dirty Danger, and Roachee]

More of Future Brown: Facebook

The Landing – “Anxieties”

More of The Landing: Website

Dillon Francis – “Without You” ft. T.E.E.D (Hayden James Version)

More of Hayden James: Facebook

We The Wild – “Body Electric (Blue)”

More of We The Wild: Website

Phone Home – “Girl Don’t Fight It”

More of Phone Home: Bandcamp

Sway Clarke II – “I Don’t Need Much”

More of Sway Clarke II: Facebook

Mark Kozelek – “I Know”

More of Mark Kozelek: Website

FEMME – “Fever Boy” (Enjoyed’s All Night Long Remix)

More of FEMME: Website

Del Hombre – “The Fly” (prod. Cosmo Sheldrake)

More of Del Hombre: Facebook

Post Louis – “This Could Be A Bridge”

More of Post Louis: Facebook

Erol Alkan – “A Hold On Love”

More of Erol Alkan: Website

Pharaohs – “Manhunter”

More of Pharaohs: Facebook

Pompeya – “90” (Fred Falke Remix)

More of Fred Falke: Facebook

Crushed Stars – “Flowerbomb”

More of Crushed Stars: Website

Kilter – “Hold Me” (Paces Remix)

More of Paces: Facebook

Misty Miller – “Petrified” (demo)

More of Misty Miller: Website

Phyllis – “What You Won’t Do for Love” (Mndsgn Edit)

More of Mndsgn: Website

P A N E S – “Choice Errors”

More of P A N E S: Twitter

Moiez – “City on a Hill” ft. Anoop Desai

More of Moiez: Facebook

Future/Sky – “Daydreamer/Sleepwalker”

More of Future/Sky: Twitter

Mute Heart – “Rivers”

More of Mute Heart: Facebook

Rachel Thomasin – “Valerio”

More of Rachel Thomasin: Bandcamp

EMMY – “Shots for Me and You”

More of EMMY: Website

Emarr – “Mr. Glass”

More of Emarr: Facebook

Bedlam – “Colder”

More of Bedlam: Website

Lorde – “Still Sane” (Abisko Bootleg)

More of Abisko: Soundcloud

Laurel.Canyon – “Hot” (Thieves Re-Twerk)

More of Laurel.Canyon: Facebook

Paradise – “Stars Shine Bright” (Woman’s Hour Remix)

More of Paradise: Website

MiWi La Lupa – “Radio”

More of MiWi La Lupa: Tumblr

Chris Batson – “Wintertime”

More of Chris Batson: Facebook

Ben Lam – “Super Disco Fantastic”

More of Ben Lam: Facebook

Foolish Atoms — “How To Remain Solid Under A Sky Of Gas”

More of Foolish Atoms: Bandcamp

Blitz Berlin – “Outside”

More of Blitz Berlin: Website

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