Killing Fields of Ontario – How the World Ends Review


This is a big honkin’ album, for better and worse.

Self-Released, 2013

7.2 / 10

Rock outfit Killing Fields of Ontario aren’t much for doing things half-assed: their big jams are constructed from big guitar sounds and a lead singer who wants to be heard two blocks away from the arena he is playing in. Where How the World Ends loses me is with its pacing and writing. The latter lacks specificity despite its expressed earnest importance, but the former might be the bigger issue as delicate slower pieces are sequenced next to big honkin’ jams with little in the way of a palate cleanser. None of this flirts with being bad, but How the World Ends hits the ceiling pretty fast and doesn’t find a direction from there. It is an easy album to like when, considering the chops and enthusiasm on display, it should be easy to love.