Sunday Leftovers: Shoe Scene Symphony, Four Tet, Crookers, more!

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When the Singles Buffet is so full of servings on Saturday, there’s bound to be leftovers. Enjoy some of the leftovers with new music from Shoe Scene Symphony, Four Tet, Crookers, and more!

Active Child ft. Ellie Goulding – “Silhouette” (Shoe Scene Symphony Remix)

More of Shoe Scene Symphony: Website

Four Tet – “Kool FM” (Container remix)

More of Four Tet: Website

Yves Simon – “Au Pays Des Merveilles De Juliet” (Psychemagik Edit)

More of Psychemagik: Website

Yuna – “Lights And Camera”

More of Yuna: Website

Thomas Jack – “Symphony” (Original Mix)

More of Thomas Jack: Facebook

Ab-Soul – “Dub Sac”

More of Ab-Soul: Facebook

Slick Shoota – “F Dat” feat. Purple

More of Slick Shoota: Facebook

Skin Town – “Midnight Lover”

More of Skin Town: Facebook

FLXXDS – “Lie To Me”

More of FLXXDS: Facebook

F U R N S – “Sparks”

More of F U R N S: Website

Crooked Colours – “Come Down”

More of Crooked Colours: Facebook

Unlike Pluto – “Plutonian MoonBrain”

More of Unlike Pluto: Facebook

Ali Love – “Another”

More of Ali Love: Facebook

Cherokee – “Don’t Matter” feat. Darianna

More of Cherokee: Facebook

STRANGERS – “London Lights”

More of STRANGERS: Website

Sebastien Tellier – “Coco”

More of Sebastien Tellier: Facebook

Jonas Rathsman – “Feel What I Feel” (Extended Mix)

More of Jonas Rathsman: Facebook

Justin Hunter – “Clever Boy”

More of Justin Hunter: Facebook

Flume – “Space Cadet” feat. Ghostface Killah & Autre Ne Veut

More of Flume: Facebook

Ellie Goulding – “Lights” (Solheiro Remix)

More of Solheiro: Facebook

Crookers – “Ghetto Guetta” (Skitzofrenix Remix)

More of Crookers: Website

toma2ski – “Wreck the Otherside” (David Guetta x Jason Derulo x Miley Cyrus Mashup)

More of toma2ski: Facebook

Carlotek – “Donna”

More of Carlotek: Twitter

Tyord – “Human By Nature”

More of Tyord: Facebook

Goldroom – “Embrace” (Night Drive Remix)

More of Night Drive: Facebook

John Talabot – “Without You”

More of John Talabot: Soundcloud

Erol Alkan – “Bang”

More of Erol Alkan: Website

Jakkin Rabbit – “Jakkin Jill”

More of Jakkin Rabbit: Facebook

Wayward – “Love Jones”

More of Wayward: Facebook

Bryce Hackford – “Another Fantasy”

More of Bryce Hackford: Twitter

Fuji Kureta – “Gossamer”

More of Fuji Kureta: Facebook

Until The Ribbon Breaks – “2025” (ALFi Remix)

More of Until The Ribbon Breaks: Website

Jeremiah Jae – “Fun”

More of Jeremiah Jae: Website

Jose Manuel – “Samsara”

More of Jose Manuel: Label

The Rebel Light – “Jukebox Dream”

More of The Rebel Light: Website

Glimmerman – “I’m Dead”

More of Glimmerman: Label

Francisco Franco – “Three Cushion Champs”

More of Francisco Franco: Label

TV Baby – “New York is Alright” (BlakSpun Minimal Mix)

More of DJ Spun: Facebook

Disclosure – “Apollo”

More of Disclosure: Website

Earth House Hold – “A Little Late For That Now”

More of Earth House Hold: Label

Cropper – “Forever”

More of Cropper: Facebook

Tara Jane O’Neil – “Wordless in Woods”

More of Tara Jane O’Neil: Website

Emily Jane White – “Faster Than the Devil” (featuring Marissa Nadler)

More of Emily Jane White: Website

Dubbel Dutch – “Inevitable”

More of Dubbel Dutch: Website

Headless Ghost (aka Ripperton) – “22”

More of Headless Ghost: Facebook

Kyle Bobby Dunn – “Boring Foothills of Foot Fetishville”

More of Kyle Bobby Dunn: Facebook

Pearon Sound – “Starburst”

More of Pearon Sound: Facebook

Surecut Kids – “Toke Dat” ft. Kitch

More of Surecut Kids: Website

Cherokee – “Don’t Matter” feat. Darianna (Cherokee Shore Version)

More of Cherokee: Facebook

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