Sunday Leftovers: RICH e FRESH, Gentlemen Hall, LVL UP, Pale, more!

Rich E Fresh Haim Honey & I remix

When the Singles Buffet is so full of servings on Saturday, there’s bound to be leftovers. Enjoy some of the leftovers with new music from RICH e Fresh, Gentlemen Hall, Pale, and more!

Haim – “Honey & I” ( RICH e FRESH Bossa Nova Remix )

Miguel – “Do You” ( RICH e FRESH Bossa Nova Remix )

More of RICH e FRESH: Website

Gentlemen Hall – “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe” (Kendrick Cover)

More of Gentlemen Hall: Website

LVL UP – “Cross The Sea”

More of LVL UP: Facebook

2ToneDisco – “Ghostbusters” (Halloween Mix)

More of 2ToneDisco: Website

Glitches – “RGB”

More of Glitches: Website

Curses – “Watch & Do”

More of Curses: Facebook

Amatorski – “Needle in the Hay” (Elliott Smith cover)

More of Amatorski: Website

Audrey Napoleon – “Dope A La Mode” (Kiely Rich Remix)

More of Kiely Rich: Facebook

More of Audrey Napoleon: Facebook


More of TRiLL FERRELL: Soundcloud

Pale – “Rundown”

More of Pale: Facebook

Nudist – “Plastic”

Nudist – “Feels”

More of Nudist: Facebook

Black Yaya – “Paint A Smile On Me” (Breakbot Remix)

More of Black Yaya: Label

Chits – “Custom Hype” (Slava Remix)

More of Slava: Facebook

Paul Klein – “Dance With Me” (Drexler Remix)

More of Drexler: Twitter

Chris Garneau – “Oh God”

More of Chris Garneau: Website

Hana Kim – “Give It Up”

More of Hana Kim: Website

Karen Dezelle – “You And Me”

More of Karen Dezelle: Website

Zari Stokes – “The Lifestyle”

More of Zari Stokes: Facebook

Miley Cyrus – “Wrecking Ball” (DieVirgin Remix)

More of DieVirgin: Facebook

Dree Paterson – “Forever”

More of Dree Paterson: Website

Justin Bieber – “Hold Tight” (Adam Snow Late Night Edit)

More of Adam Snow: Facebook

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