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This is a clip of Lady Gaga from her upcoming, mega awesome HBO special. She cries over how she still feels like a loser even though she’s performing at the sold out Madison Square Gardens. Then she says that she has to remind herself that she’s a superstar so that she can be stronger for her fans. That’s some genuine advice from Gaga right there. If you’re a “loser kid” in high school, just remind yourself that you’re a superstar. Oh, that’s right, unless your last name is Bieber, you can’t really do that.

What a beak on Gaga. I see a nose job in her future that she’ll probably explain as a shedding or embracing or some other nonsense so that she could be stronger for her little monsters. Remember when Little Monsters was just an awful Fred Savage/Howie Mandel movie? Gaga says that she cannot be destroyed and will not be destroyed, yet cancer continues to take lives everywhere. Let’s get some of that Gaga blood since it certainly holds the key to immortality. Not only does her blood run through her veins, but it also runs through her spirit. Hell, that Gaga blood should be enough to overcome her bout of lupus — that’s destroyed a few people.

I never remember Madonna making such idiotic statements during her heyday. She might change her look, show some skin, put on a terrible British accent, but I don’t think she ever wore a meat suit or a building on her head. Gaga should come up with some other costume that doesn’t involve an arrow pointing at her head at all times. She’s a talented artist, but Madonna never hatched from an egg, nor did Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera. Those three artists did kiss however as a publicity stunt. But I think that benefited Britney more than anyone else. So should Gaga have a full on make-out party with Katy Perry and Rhianna? Only if Vivid Entertainment is involved.

What’s more depressing than Gaga’s fake emotional breakdown is how many of her fans actually believe that this is something Stefani is actually experiencing during her benchmark shows. Stefani is GaGa’s real name by the way. The people who grew up with her in high school and know her as a confident individual call her that. Still, many fans are buying into her self-deprecation and are calling her a “queen,” which doesn’t seem very uplifting by insinuating that she’s a man in woman’s clothing. Luckily Gaga can dry her tears with hundred dollar bills, which is what she was originally doing in this clip. But they did the reshoot with the Kleenex to not offend any little monsters that will never afford that luxury. Be sure to check out the full Lady Gaga HBO special on May 7th.

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  1. Anonymous

    You are such a waste of time, to seriously spend at least 45 minutes trying, very desperately i might add, to find something bad to say about Lady GaGa. Pretty sure she is just SMART, in every aspect of the word, talented-which has been proven countless times over and over again (check her grammys,vmas, and other awards) she has had the most songs go Number 1 than any other artist in HISTORY…..her videos on Youtube have been watched into the Hundreds of Millions of times. So to try and blast her for crying, yeah maybe she is actually upset (she is famous) and deals with more than you probably ever will, so do us all a favor and dont bash a true genuine artist who is actually talented….invest your time bashing someone talentless such as KE$ha, Justin Bieber, or someone of that stature…..Thanks for attempting to get yourself noticed!

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