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Singles Buffet

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Lauryn Hill Consumerism

chef’s recommendations — dig in….

Lauryn Hill – “Consumerism”

More of Lauryn Hill: Facebook

Tyler the Creator, Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis, Earl Sweatshirt – “Look”

More of Odd Future: Soundcloud

Johnny Stimson – “Here We Go Again”

More of Johnny Stimson: Website

Manicanparty – “It’s In Her Eyes”

More of Manicanparty: Website

Alex Boman – “Fantastic Piano”

More of Alex Boman: Soundcloud

Mapei – “Don’t Wait”

More of Mapei: Facebook

Ane Brun feat. Linnea Olsson – “Halo” (Beyonce Cover)

More of Ane Brun: Website

Jamestown Revival – “California (Cast Iron Soul)”

More of Jamestown Revival: Soundcloud

Pattern Is Movement – “Untitled (How Does It Feel?)” (D’Angelo Cover)

More of Pattern Is Movement: Facebook

The Wombats – “Your Body Is A Weapon”

More of The Wombats: Website

Flume – “Holdin On” ft. Freddie Gibbs

More of Flume: Facebook

Josh Record – “Bones”

More of Josh Record: Website

Revere – “Enjoy The Silence” (Depeche Mode Cover)

goodbyemotel – “Michael”

More of goodbyemotel: Facebook

The Saint Johns – “Your Head and Your Heart”

More of The Saint Johns: Website

More of Revere: Website

Alpine – “Hear No Evil” (Hunters and Collectors Cover)

More of Alpine: Facebook

PAPA – “If The Moon Rises”

More of PAPA: Soundcloud

Letters to Fiesta – “Tears Apart”

More of Letters to Fiesta: Website

tough to chew but savory in the middle….

Sleepy Sun – “11:32”

More of Sleepy Sun: Website

Conveyor – “Pushups”

More of Conveyor: Website

Ghost Wave – “Kind Of A Drag” (The Buckinghams Cover)

More of Ghost Wave: Website

The Ocean Party – “Quarter Life Crisis”

More of The Ocean Party: Bandcamp

White Lung – “Blow It South”

More of White Lung: Website

Magik Markers – “Bonfire”

More of Magik Markers: Label

Tom Brosseau – “Cradle Your Device”

More of Tom Brosseau: Website

Radkey – “Start Freaking Out”

More of Radkey: Website

Younger Lovers – “Ballad of Two Stubborn Men”

More of Younger Lovers: Facebook

Raccoon Fighter – “My Ticket”

More of Raccoon Fighter: Website

Neon Windbreaker – “Pink Suit”

More of Neon Windbreaker: Facebook

Devonian Gardens – “Swallow The Sun”

More of Devonian Gardens: Website

Oozing Wound – “Call Your Guy”

More of Oozing Wound: Label

The Limiñanas – “My Black Sabbath”

More of The Limiñanas: Bandcamp

Adventure Galley – “Please Please Me”

More of Adventure Galley: Website

The Thespians – “Why Do I Like You?”

More of The Thespians: Website

Such Hounds – “Sold My Soul”

More of Such Hounds: Website

you might not normally try these but give them a taste anyway….

Sylvan Esso – “Hey Mami”

More of Sylvan Esso: Website

Kan Wakan – “Midnight Moon Pt I & II”

More of Kan Wakan: Facebook

The Bynars – “Everyone Is Here”

More of The Bynars: Website

Armand Hammer – “Shark Fin Soup”

More of Armand Hammer: Label

Blue Sky Black Death – “Keys” featuring Gucci Mane

More of Blue Sky Black Death: Website

Sara Savery – “The Diver”

More of Sara Savery: Website

Nerve Accid – “Hotel St. Lauren”

More of Nerve Accid: Soundcloud

Hot Sugar – “Zanny Bath” ft. Bill Ding

More of Hot Sugar: Website

Chits – “Looking So Good”

More of Chits: Label

SETH – “Cat In The Limo”

More of SETH: Label

Archivist – “Wonder Through”

More of Archivist: Website

Blank Maps – “Calm”

More of Blank Maps: Website

Fractures – “Cadence”

More of Fractures: Bandcamp

North Americans – “2004”

More of North Americans: Facebook

Jones – “Destructive Man”

More of Jones: Soundcloud

The THANGS – “Wedodo”

More of The THANGS: Facebook

Unlike Pluto – “Bollywood Summer”

More of Unlike Pluto: Facebook

JHAS – “Pain Au Chocolat”

More of JHAS: Bandcamp

Vintage Revolver – “Afterimage”

More of Vintage Revolver: Facebook

Zoojar – “Things Will Be Different”

More of Zoojar: Website

Beaty Heart – “Lekka Freakout”

More of Beaty Heart: Website

flavor explosions that will make your body tremble….

Aloe Blacc – “Love Is The Answer” (Prod. Pharrell)

More of Aloe Blacc: Website

Boulevards – “Kerosene Song (Cross The Line)”

More of Boulevards: Facebook

Katzuma – “All Night”

More of Katzuma: Website

Dan Farber – “Fresh Off The Grill”

More of Dan Farber: Facebook

Mali Michael – “Ghost” (prod. by Samir)

More of Mali Michael: Website

Triad Dragons – “Over The Rainbow”

More of Triad Dragons: Website

Blood Cultures – “Indian Summer”

More of Blood Cultures: Soundcloud

Equal – “Lost In The Evening” ft. Gary Jules

More of Equal: Facebook

Lorde – “White Teeth Teens”

More of Lorde: Facebook

option4 – “Street Love”

More of option4: Facebook

Maxim (of The Prodigy) – “US Promo Mix”

More of Maxim: Website

Chad Valley – “Real Time”

More of Chad Valley: Website

Tittsworth & Shelco Garcia & TEENWOLF – “Give It To Dem”

More of Tittsworth: Website

The Soundmen – “My Friends” Ft. Mick Coogan & Panic City

More of The Soundmen: Facebook

Milwaukee Banks – “Pluto Bounce”

More of Milwaukee Banks: Website

Yellow Claw & Tropkillaz – “Assets” feat. The Kemist

More of Yellow Claw: Facebook

Paris Blohm feat. Mimi Page – “Lost In Me”

More of Paris Blohm: Facebook

Body Parts – “Be A God”

More of Body Parts: Website

Cruiser – “Kidnap Me”

More of Cruiser: Website

Christien Summers – “Take Me With You”

More of Christien Summers: Website

Suzuki Method – “Be Cruel Be Kind”

More of Suzuki Method: Website

L’Enfant – “See Me Now”

More of L’Enfant: Facebook

I Am A Camera – “Who Will Take My Dreams Away”

More of I Am A Camera: Website

Dead Pop Stars Society – “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”

More of Dead Pop Stars Society: Website

Alaa – “Fire of Us”

More of Alaa: Website

Jonny Pierce (The Drums) – “Home”

More of Jonny Pierce: Facebook

Avicii – “Hey Brother”

More of Avicii: Website

Blende – “Rikki”

More of Blende: Facebook

Todd and Erin – “All I Can Think About Is You”

More of Todd and Erin: Soundcloud

whisked until our wrist hurt, so someone else took over and whisked also….

The Melker Project – “Don’t Let Me Down, Biggie” Ft. The Beatles, The Notorious B.I.G. & Gramatik

More of The Melker Project: Website

Sir Sly – “Miracle” (Kiely Rich Remix)

More of Kiely Rich: Soundcloud

Goldroom – “Embrace” (Dickystixxx Remix)

More of Dickystixxx: Website

Adrian Lux – “Teenage Crime” (Thomas Jack Remix)

More of Thomas Jack: Facebook

Thief – “Broken Boy” (Césare Remix)

More of Thief: Facebook

Paramore – “Still Into You” (Topher Jones Remix)

More of Topher Jones: Facebook

The High Wire – “Under A Spell” (Crofts Remix)

More of The High Wire: Website

Tera Melos – “Snake Lake” (Busdriver Remix feat. Milo)

More of Tera Melos: Website

StaG – “I Think I’ll Shout” (Chakita Remix)

More of Chakita: Website

MS MR – “Bones” (Ianborg x PRFFTT & Svyable Remix)

More of Ianborg: Facebook

SAFIA – “Listen To Soul, Listen To Blues” (Leaderboy Remix)

More of SAFIA: Facebook

Lady Gaga – “Applause” (Viceroy Remix)

More of Viceroy: Website

William De Vaughn – “Be Thankful For What You Got” (FKJ Remix)

More of FKJ: Facebook

Lorde – “Royals” (Shaun Frank and Yash Remix)

More of Shaun Frank: Soundcloud

Geoffrey O’Connor – “Jacqueline” (Clubfeet Remix)

More of Geoffrey O’Connor: Website

The Magician – “When The Night Is Over” Ft. Newtimers (Claptone Remix)

More of The Magician: Website

Lorde x Rich e Fresh – “Royals” ( Bossa Nova Remix )

More of Rich e Fresh: Website

Frankmusic – “Little Love” (TABS Remix)

More of TABS: Website

Young Galaxy – “Sea Drug” (WoodysProduce Remix)

More of WoodysProduce: Website

Cut Copy – “Free Your Mind” (Fort Romeau Remix)

More of Fort Romeau: Facebook

Duke Dumont feat. A*M*E – “Need U (100%)” [Dave Edwards Remix]

More of Dave Edwards: Facebook

Claire – “Games” (Passion Pit Remix)

More of Claire: Website

Zedd – “Stay The Night” (Kaptain Remix)

More of Kaptain: Facebook

And that does it for this week! Let us know what you like in the comments or on our Facebook page!

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