Singles Buffet: BANKS, Cut Copy, Wolf Alice, more!

Singles Buffet

Singles Buffet highlights new music worth your time. Dig in to a smorgasbord of different musical tastes. And let us know what you’re liking best in the comments section or on our Facebook Page.


chef’s recommendations — warm and ready for your utensils….

BANKS – “This Is What It Feels Like”

More of BANKS: Website

Cut Copy – “Free Your Mind”

More of Cut Copy: Website

Wolf Alice – “Blush”

More of Wolf Alice: Soundcloud

Phantogram – “Black Out Days”

More of Phantogram: Website

Kings of Leon – “Dancing On My Own” (Robyn Cover)

More of Kings of Leon: Website

Active Child – “Subtle” ft. Mikky Ekko

More of Active Child: Website

Society – “14 Hours”

More of Society: Soundcloud

Shy Girls – “Still Not Falling”

More of Shy Girls: Facebook

Running Red Lights – “Mulberry Love”

More of Running Red Lights: Website

Woman’s Hour – “Darkest Place”

More of Woman’s Hour: Website

Drake – “Wu-Tang Forever”

More of Drake: Website

Gavin James – “Remember Me”

More of Gavin James: Website

Young Galaxy – “Sea Drug”

More of Young Galaxy: Website

Sarah Jarosz – “Book Of Right-On” (Joanna Newsom Cover)

More of Sarah Jarosz: Website

The Wyld – “Odyssey”

More of The Wyld: Website

Mary Cassidy & Jon Lawless – “Make It Do”

More of Mary Cassidy & Jon Lawless: Facebook

delicious when tasted but volatile when digested….

Augustines (formerly We Are Augustines) – “Cruel City”

More of Augustines: Website

Let’s Away – “Bloodrush”

More of Let’s Away: Website

Kashmere Club – “Reunion”

More of Kashmere Club: Facebook

Audacity – “Cold Rush”

More of Audacity: Facebook

IamIs – “Paper Face”

More of IamIs: Label

Dramady – “Keep It Up”

More of Dramady: Facebook

Shebeen Queen – “Take Him Away”

More of Shebeen Queen: Bandcamp

Promised Land Sound – “Empty Vase”

More of Promised Land Sound: Facebook

Balbec – “Architecture of Faith”

More of Balbec: Website

Spires – “Candy Flip”

More of Spires: Facebook

Gov’t Mule – “Stoop So Low” ft. Dr. John

More of Gov’t Mule: Website

Bottomless Pit – “Fleece”

More of Bottomless Pit: Facebook

Gladiola – “Breaking Into The Pool”

More of Gladiola: Website

Rickolus – “Snow Globes”

More of Rickolus: Tumblr

Sharkmuffin – “Foul Play”

More of Sharkmuffin: Website

Crushing Blows – “Dream On / Dream Off”

More of Crushing Blows: Website

Cumulus – “Middle”

More of Cumulus: Website

The Bots – “5.17”

More of The Bots: Website

The Band In Heaven – “Fairweather Friends”

More of The Band In Heaven: Facebook

Robinson – “Superlove”

More of Robinson: Website

Far-Out Fangtooth – “Bow Your Head”

More of Far-Out Fangtooth: Website

Upset – “Oxfords and Wingtips”

More of Upset: Website

The Visibles – “Trestled In Trees”

More of The Visibles: Website

Is Bliss – “Desire”

More of Is Bliss: Facebook

Touché Amoré – “Harbor”

More of Touché Amoré: Website

The Body – “To Attempt Openness”

More of The Body: Label

Die Mason Die – “Mother”

More of Die Mason Die: Facebook

prepared with our homemade mystery meat….

Sapphire Slows – “Dry Fruit”

More of Sapphire Slows: Facebook

Tamara Dearing – “Break Your Heart”

More of Tamara Dearing: Label

Nat Baldwin – “Look She Said” ft. Dave Longstreth

More of Nat Baldwin: Facebook

RÁJ – “Ghost”

More of RÁJ: Tumblr

Pick a Piper (Caribou’s Brad Weber) – “All Her Colours”

More of Pick a Piper: Facebook

Jay Arner – “Midnight On South Granville”

More of Jay Arner: Bandcamp

Soviet Soviet – “1990”

More of Soviet Soviet: Bandcamp

Log Across the Washer – “Sit Around and Talk a Lot”

More of Log Across the Washer: Bandcamp

Little Wings – “Snake Bird Rock”

More of Little Wings: Facebook

Perera Elsewhere – “Bizarre”

More of Perera Elsewhere: Bandcamp

Fronds – “Crush”

More of Fronds: Facebook

of Montreal – “Belle Glade Missionaries”

More of of Montreal: Facebook

U.S. Girls – “Overtime”

More of U.S. Girls: Website

Jacco Gardner – “The End Of August”

More of Jacco Gardner: Website

Vancouver Sleep Clinic – “Vapour”

More of Vancouver Sleep Clinic: Facebook

Mikael Jorgensen (with Graph Rabbit) – “Ode to Street Hassle”

More of Mikael Jorgensen: Website

Lonesome Leash – “Dead”

More of Lonesome Leash: Website

Grails – “Invitation To Ruin”

More of Grails: Label

World’s End Press – “Reformation Age”

More of World’s End Press: Website

Nervous Nellie – “Shoulder”

More of Nervous Nellie: Website

Qurious – “Termina”

More of Qurious: Bandcamp

we lost our recipe book when making, and you’ll lose yourself when eating….

Zedd – “Stay The Night” (Feat. Hayley Williams of Paramore)

More of Zedd: Website

Kaskade & Project 46 – “Last Chance” (Original Mix)

More of Project 46: Website

Bassnectar – “Take You Down” (special edit)

More of Bassnectar: Website

SOHN – “Lessons”

More of SOHN: Website

Mike Will Made It – “23” ft. Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa & Juicy J

More of Mike WiLL Made It: Website

Chase & Status – “Machine Gun” (ft. Pusha T)

More of Chase & Status: Website

St. Lucia – “Too Close”

More of St. Lucia: Website

Aden – “Whip”

More of Aden: Label

River Tiber – “The Star Falls”

More of River Tiber: Website

The Magician Feat. Newtimers – “When The Night Is Over”

More of The Magician: Facebook

Yumi And The Weather – “All We Can”

More of Yumi And The Weather: Website

Strategy – “Return from the Stars”

More of Strategy: Label

Meanest Man Contest – “In The Dark”

More of Meanest Man Contest: Label

Jungle – “The Heat”

More of Jungle: Website

Les Level – “Smooth Sailing”

More of Les Level: Website

ASTR – “R U With Me”

More of ASTR: Website

Parade of Lights – “We’re The Kids”

More of Parade of Lights: Facebook

Geoffrey O’Connor – “Jacqueline”

More of Geoffrey O’Connor: Website

Pompeya – “Slaver”

More of Pompeya: Website

Tessela – “Nancy’s Pantry”

More of Tessela: Facebook

StaG – “I Think I’ll Shout”

More of StaG: Facebook

Shine 2009 – “Older”

More of Shine 2009: Facebook

Dan Farber – “Rattlesnake” [Feat. Kokoro]

More of Dan Farber: Facebook

Canblaster – “I Think About U”

More of Canblaster: Facebook

Miguel – “Can’t Sleep 2gether”

More of Miguel: Website

North Americans – “Torch”

More of North Americans: Facebook

Miami Horror – “Real Slow” (ft. Sarah Chernoff)

More of Miami Horror: Website

Leon Vynehall – “XVII (Rox Out)”

More of Leon Vynehall: Facebook

Dusky – “Words Later On”

More of Dusky: Facebook

autokratz – “Midnight Hearts”

More of autokratz: Website

Dismantle – “Round & Round”

More of Dismantle: Label

New Matra – “Apex”

More of New Mantra: Facebook

we just took stuff out of the pantry and mixed and mixed and mixed again….

Isosine – “Poetic” (Anna Kendrick x Kendrick Lamar ft. Drake and Florence and the Machine)

More of Isosine: Facebook

Sir Sly – “Gold” (La’Reda Remix)

More of La’Reda: Facebook

James Brown – “People Get Up” (WET PAINT Remix)

More of Wet Paint: Facebook

CHVRCHES – “The Mother We Share” (Blood Diamonds Remix)

More of CHVRCHES: Website

Azealia Banks – “Atm Jam” Featuring Pharrell (Kaytranada Edition)

More of Kaytranada: Website

Steffaloo – “Eyes For You” (Brothertiger Remix)

More of Brothertiger: Facebook

George Fitzgerald – “I Can Tell (By The Way You Move)” [Paul Woolford Remix]

More of George Fitzgerald: Facebook

Tera Melos – “Weird Circles” (Fang Island Remix)

More of Tera Melos: Website

HAERTS – “All The Days” (Joywave Remix)

More of HAERTS: Website

Hagenaar & Albrecht – “Love Is Hell” feat. Sarah McLeod (Continuum Remix)

More of Hagenaar & Albrecht: Website

Luke Million – “Midnight” (Poupon Remix)

More of Luke Million: Website

Favored Nations – “The Strain” (Cosmic Kids Remix)

Favored Nations – “The Strain” (Nora En Pure Remix)

Favored Nations – “Most Girls” (James Curd Remix)

More of Favored Nations: Facebook

Prom Date – “X My Heart” (Matsy Remix)

More of Prom Date: Website

PVT – “Homosapien” (Trésors Remix)

More of PVT: Website

And that does it for this week! Let us know what you like in the comments or on our Facebook page!

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