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Concord Drumm

Concord Drumm is the new chillwave project of Chris Brewer. The Vancouver-based artist recently released his new EP, Hotels, featuring three tracks that blend ambient electronic sounds with hip hop, recalling Kavinsky‘s vocal-laced tracks. This November, Brewer will follow Hotels up with a new EP appealing to house enthusiasts in November. In the meantime, get lost in the musical corridors of Hotels as Fresh Wax highlights Concord Drumm.

Who makes up Concord Drumm and handles which parts of the music?

Chris Brewer: Concord Drumm is made up soley of myself with the exception of a live drummer on stage. I handle all the music from the synths and drum programming to the guitar tidbits and vocals. It’s a process and a half but it’s how I work best. That and coffee plays a major part.

Where does the project’s name come from? What about that extra ‘m’?

CB: Well I’m in an indie band called Terrace and when I went to branch out to do this solo side project I wanted a band name and not just my own name. The thing is I suck at band names. I can come up with a hundred for you and your friends but coming up with one for me is impossible. I’m super indecisive. Anyways while thinking of one I was in San Francisco and one of the street crossings is “California” and “Drumm” and they have a pretty sweet sign attached to the crossing. Google it and you will see some photos. Anyways I loved how that sounded “California Drumm” but knew if I used California in my name it would have certain connotations and unless I was being ironic it wouldn’t work. So I replaced California with Concord which is a city I hold dear to my heart in New Hampshire of all places. And thus Concord Drumm was born. Not that catchy but I was at the point where I was sick of being indecisive and needed to just pick a name and said this is it. No more. The extra “m” is from the street name but it also looks cool and obviously being a musician it’s all about looking cool. ;)

Who are the main influences on the project?

CB: The main influences on this project were Washed Out, Toro Y Moi and Mount Kimbie for sure. And always who influences me is a UK band that doesn’t make music anymore called The Streets. I once flew from Vancouver to London just to see them perform during their final tour. It was a whirlwind 48 hours but worth every second.

I’m also always influenced by anyone doing something unique on the electronic, DIY, bedroom producer tip. Love it.

If you could make a dream pairing between an electronic and hip hop artist, which two would you put together?

Well, an amazing pairing would be SBTRKT and Eminem. I don’t care what people say but Em is amazing. I could get more street cred if I said somebody from the underground hip hop mould but Eminem from 1999 over a SBTRKT production with Sampha on the hook would probably make my afternoon. However my dream team would be to replace Eminem with Mike Skinner from The Streets over a SBTRKT beat. Put me on a train with that on repeat, and I’m all in.

Is the goal of this music to make women shake their asses?

CB: What about making the guys shake it ;) If only the goal was to make some booties shake how easy this music thing would be :)

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