School of Night (The Antlers’ Darby Cicci) – “Lying”

School of Night Darby Cicci

The Antlers‘ excellent multi-instrumentalist Darby Cicci is breaking out on his own for a solo project called School of Night. The project will release a self-titled EP on October 15th in the U.S. via Minus Green Records and October 14th in the rest of the world on Transgressive Records. Listen to the bubbling synth-pop of “Lying” below.

The School of Night EP was written, recorded and produced between 2011-2012 mostly during Cicci’s brief breaks from recording and touring with The Antlers. “I would go to my studio, play synths in the dark, collect sounds that I love and try to build little worlds I could just dissolve into and explore,” Cicci notes of the writing and recording process. “At first it was mostly playtime and I wasn’t planning on releasing it, but if I’ve learned anything from my experiences, it’s that the more you open up and share about yourself, the more you’ll learn.”

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