Willy Mason – Carry On Review

Willy Mason Carry On

If it’s death by boredom he’s going for, then prepare to meet thy maker, all ye who enter here.

Communion Music, 2013

4.0 / 10.0

Well, Willy Mason has released, Carry On and I’m not sure anyone will actually give a damn. Here’s what I would describe this as: the next song or collection of songs, featured during a painfully long ending sequence of a television show that nearly each person I know will suggest I watch, but I never will. This to me sounds like that blend of popular Americana folk with just enough electronic background noise to give it some real indie cred. The first two tracks lumber their way through awkward drum machine sounds and plodding guitar. “Talk Me Down” is the best song here, blending a solid reggae beat with some old timey folk that manages to wake up the audience lost in a sea of coma inducing apathy.

The lyrics largely describe choose-to-be destitute young Americans, who in any other time would be beaten with fresh switches plucked from the nearest trees, yet are the modern heroes in today’s folk revivals. Gone are the civil and labor rights heroes of yesterday’s true folk, replaced by over privileged device junkies who can’t buy a meal but have an unlimited data plan and a penchant for poor drug choices. I’m just not buying Willy’s snake oil early on. It’s the *I* generation and Willy definitely steers his boat of sorrow straight into their tiny broken hearts.

However, no matter how much reverb he applies to his vocals, his songs fail to resonate any longer than the fade out of his voice. So many of these songs are exactly the same — formulaic and tedious to listen to. I suppose this is where I should make some excuse for this music. I should probably tell you that it’s not my cup of tea or that maybe someone else would really enjoy this. But it just doesn’t grab me in any way. Perhaps that’s what he’s going for? I honestly have no idea.

The rest simply sounds like songs written by someone who’s never spent a minute in the scenarios they’re describing. I listened to this several times and I couldn’t tell you the chorus or the point from a single song. And I couldn’t recommend you spend your time listening to this, when there are so many more that have done it so much better. It’s harsh, but Willy’s world is harsh and he knows it. If it’s death by boredom he’s going for, then prepare to meet thy maker, all ye who enter here.

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