Singles Buffet: Kendrick Lamar, YACHT, Big Data, Chet Faker, more!

Singles Buffet

Singles Buffet highlights new music worth your time. Dig in to a smorgasbord of different musical tastes. And let us know what you’re liking best in the comments section or on our Facebook Page.

Kendrick Lamar

the biggest flavor explosions of the week….

Big Sean – “Control” (Feat. Kendrick Lamar & Jay Electronica)

More of Big Sean: Website

Zola Jesus – “Fall Back”

More of Zola Jesus: Website

Big Data – “Dangerous”

More of Big Data: Website

SZA – “Julia” (Prod. Felix Snow & Dave Free)

More of SZA: Facebook

Incan Abraham – “Whidbey”

More of Incan Abraham: Facebook

YACHT – “Party at the NSA”

More of YACHT: Website

Tristen – “No One’s Gonna Know”

More of Tristen: Website

Black Books – “Favorite Place”

More of Black Books: Facebook

The Lost Cavalry – “Stars Are Ripe”

More of The Lost Cavalry: Website

Promised Land Sound – “Fadin’ Fast”

More of Promised Land Sound: Facebook

The Falls – “Home”

More of The Falls: Website

Marnie Stern – “This Was It”

More of Marnie Stern: Website

Runt – “Blackbird” (The Beatles cover)

it’s greasy, it’s indie, it’s rock hard — chew softly….

Wymond Miles – “Passion Plays”

More of Wymond Miles: Label

Pagiins – “Open Up Your Mind”

More of Pagiins: Facebook

Ghost Wave – “Orb”

More of Ghost Wave: Website

Flaamingos – “She’s Never Satisfied”

More of Flaamingos: Website

The Eversons – “Creepy”

More of The Eversons: Facebook

Dazzletine – “Skin Period”

More of Dazzletine: Bandcamp

Joanna Gruesome – “Sugarcrush”

More of Joanna Gruesome: Facebook

Obits – “Spun Out”

More of Obits: Website

Plankton Wat – “Empire Mines”

More of Plankton Wat: Label

Royal Canoe – “Birthday”

More of Royal Canoe: Website

Aotearoa – “Thunderbird”

More of Aotearoa: Website

Meat Market – “Too Tired”

More of Meat Market: Facebook

Mod Gun – “Party Line”

More of Mod Gun: Website

Clang Boom Steam – “Clan”

More of Clang Boom Steam: Facebook

weird, but totally worth taking a bite of….

Empty Chairs – “Eyelashes”

More of Empty Chairs: Facebook

Vandana Jain – “Mask”

More of Vandana Jain: Website

Boogarins – “Erre”

More of Boogarins: Website

RY X – “Berlin”

More of RY X: Website

of Montreal – “She Ain’t Speakin’ Now”

More of of Montreal: Website

Pillars and Tongues – “Points of Light”

More of Pillars and Tongues: Tumblr

Celestial Shore – “Swimmer’s Sinking Feeling”

More of Celestial Shore: Website

Early Alan Younger – “The Hotcake Waltz”

More of Early Alan Younger: Soundcloud

Hejira – “Litmus Test”

More of Hejira: Website

Bellatrax – “Falling For You” ft. Sophia May (Original Mix)

More of Bellatrax: Website

The Starfolk – “Come and Play”

More of The Starfolk: Facebook

The Albertans – “Casual Encounters”

More of The Albertans: Website

sounds to move your taste buds and your legs….

Zeds Dead – “Jericho” ft. Memorecks

More of Zeds Dead: Soundcloud

twyaen – “keep on waiting”

More of twyaen: Website

Party Supplies – “Beautiful Girl”

More of Party Supplies: Website

Lady Gaga – “Applause”

More of Lady Gaga: Website

Kris Angelis – “Rhyme Nor Reason”

More of Kris Angelis: Website

Owl-Eyes – “Hurricane”

More of Owl-Eyes: Website

Misun – “Hills and Trails”

More of Misun: Website

Goldroom – “St. Ides Heaven” (Elliot Smith Cover)

More of Goldroom: Facebook

Little Daylight – “Restart”

More of Little Daylight: Facebook

Chet Faker ft. Kilo Kish – “Melt”

More of Chet Faker: Website

The Koolest featuring Napoleon Da Legend – “1995”

More of The Koolest: Website

Chance the Rapper – “Favorite Song”

More of Chance the Rapper: Website

remixed for the best taste….

Zedd – “Spectrum” (Comic Strips Remix)

More of Comic Strips: Facebook

Grouplove – “Ways To Go” (Grandtheft Remix)

More of Grandtheft: Website

A$AP Rocky – “Fashion Killa” (Blackbird Blackbird Remix)

More of Blackbird Blackbird: Website

Phoenix – “Trying To Be Cool” ft. R. Kelly Remix

More of Phoenix: Website

London Grammar – “Wasting My Young Years” (Sound Remedy Remix)

More of Sound Remedy: Website

Eli & Fur – “You’re So High” (Ejeca Remix)

More of Eli & Fur: Website

One Republic – “Counting Stars” (Thomas Jack Remix)

More of Thomas Jack: Facebook

Brazos – “Charm” (Justin Peroff Remix)

More of Brazos: Facebook

Jagwar Ma – “Come Save Me” (Andrew Weatherall Remix)

More of Jagwar Ma: Facebook

Claire – “Games” (I Heart Sharks Remix)

More of Claire: Website

Ben Pearce – “What I Might Do” (Kilter Remix)

More of Ben Pearce: Website

Fenech-Soler – “Last Forever” (The Chainsmokers Remix)

More of The Chainsmokers: Website

The Rolling Stones – “Miss You” (Glenn Dale’s Rework)

More of Glenn Dale: Label

Austin Paul – “Felt It (Velvet)” (Dude Skywalker Remix)

More of Dude Skywalker: Website

Syvia – “Unloveable” (VZLKS Remix)

More of VZLKS: Facebook

Lorde – “Million Dollar Bills” (Easy Girl Remix)

More of Easy Girl: Facebook

And that does it for this week! Let us know what you like in the comments or on our Facebook page!

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