Singles Buffet: Jay-Z, Holy Ghost!, Matt Corby, Islands, more!

Singles Buffet

Singles Buffet highlights new music worth your time. Dig in to a smorgasbord of different musical tastes. And let us know what you’re liking best in the comments section or on our Facebook Page.


eat these first, you’ll likely be back for seconds….

Jay-Z – “Dead Presidents 3”

More of Jay-Z: Website

Holy Ghost! – “Teenagers In Heat”

More of Holy Ghost!: Website

Superchunk – “Me & You & Jackie Mittoo”

More of Superchunk: Website

Ariel Pink and Jorge Elbrecht – “Hang On to Life”

More of Ariel Pink and Jorge Elbrecht: Label

Matt Corby – “Resolution”

More of Matt Corby: Website

London Grammar – “Strong”

More of London Grammar: Website

Friendzone feat. Mykki Blanco – “Who Wanna Rumble”

More of Friendzone: Soundcloud

our indie rock selections are guaranteed fresh….

Jeff Rosenstock – “Go On Get”

More of Jeff Rosenstock: Label

Pink Frost – “Ruins”

More of Pink Frost: Website

Quiet Life – “Devil’s Kin”

More of Quiet Life: Website

Jonathan Rado – “Hand In Mine”

More of Jonathan Rado: Label

Tropic of Cancer – “More Alone”

More of Tropic of Cancer: Pre-Order

Jackson Scott – “Together Forever”

More of Jackson Scott: Tumblr

Widowspeak – “True Believer”

More of Widowspeak: Tumblr

Owl Paws – “Cold Lead Bath”

More of Owl Paws: Tumblr

White Hills – “In Your Room”

More of White Hills: Tumblr

Dave Hause – “We Could Be Kings”

More of Dave Hause: Website

A Great Big Pile of Leaves – “Snack Attack”

More of A Great Big Pile of Leaves: Website

Major Leagues – “Endless Drain”

More of Major Leagues: Facebook

Shark Week – “Baby Maybe”

More of Shark Week: Website

careful of these experimental dishes, there could be adverse side effects….

Heaven – “Telepathic Love”

More of Heaven: Facebook

HABITS – “Toymakr”

More of HABITS: Website

Fortune Howl – “Interzone Export”

More of Fortune Howl: Facebook

Art Decade – “No One’s Waiting”

More of Art Decade: Website

Tree – “Demons” (feat. Beat Culture & Lena Kuhn)

More of Tree: Website

of Montreal – “fugitive air”

More of of Montreal: Website

Incan Abraham – “Tuolumne”

More of Incan Abraham: Facebook

I Break Horses – “Denial”

More of I Break Horses: Facebook

Islands – “Wave Forms”

More of Islands: Website

bites so tasty that you’ll dance while chewing….

Ellie Herring – “Thinking JFK”

More of Ellie Herring: Tumblr

Iron Galaxy – Giving You

More of Iron Galaxy: Blog

Debukas – “Reach Out Feel”

More of Debukas: Website

Lil Silva – “No Doubt” ( Feat. Rosie Lowe )

More of Lil Silva: Facebook

Ghosts On Tape – “Still Got The Feeling”

More of Ghosts On Tape: Label

remixed with new flavors….

Matthew E. White – “Big Love” (Hot Chip Remix)

More of Matthew E. White: Website

Bad Cop – “Light On” (Two Fresh Remix)

More of Bad Cop: Website

Portugal. The Man – “Purple Yellow Red & Blue” (Passion Pit Remix)

More of Portugal. The Man: Website

Andy Cato – “The Coastal Path” (The Amorphous Androgynous remix)

More of Andy Cato: Website

Dent May – “Born Too Late” (Fingers Club Mix)

More of Dent May: Website

And that does it for this week! Let us know what you like in the comments or on our Facebook page!

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