A Silent Film – Sand & Snow Review

It’s like Coldplay, but better.


8.0 / 10.0


It is pretty easy to determine A Silent Film’s influences—piano-heavy songs, a vocalist who sings in generalities, and an overall sound that aims to fill stadiums. “This Stage is Your Life”, the second song on this album, even begins like “Speed of Sound”, and the first two seconds of “Anastasia” and “Viva La Vida” are almost indistinguishable. I suppose it is almost impossible to grow up in England without feeling Coldplay’s influence, but A Silent Film, at first glance, don’t seem to be aiming to sound similar to Coldplay so much as completely copy the band’s mannerisms.

Fortunately, A Silent Film decide to have fun with this style of arena rock, and that goes a long way in making Sand and Snow, their second album, sound better than most of Coldplay’s output. There’s a bit of 80’s earnestness in both the sound and execution that makes this album really hard to hate, and the album’s slower second half works well as an anchor to the album’s fast-paced first half. This is the rare kind of album that actually sounds as though the band had fun while making it. I’d call it a guilty pleasure if I wasn’t sure that other folks would love it too.