Egadz Loves Pushing Buttons in “Ghost” Video

Check out Egadz‘ new video for “Ghost”. Our own Chris Bell says, “Only in America can we make waiting on an elevator into a fetish.” Push those buttons, Egadz!

Egadz ghost video

Note: The music video for “Ghost” is interlaced with the recently released Egadz game app ‘Space Beats’ for iOS and Android — this is a new kind of rhythm-based music game where the player is mimicking the same process Egadz used in the making of the “Ghost” video.

Where in the video Egadz is using a custom build MPC inside a green screen, in the game app the rhythm-based section comes into play but matching buttons to create music.

“Ghost” appears on Egadz’ forthcoming album, Satellites, out July 30th.

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