Chance Martin – “Blue Monday”

Chance Martin and Johnny Cash

This month Johnny Cash’s longtime friend and right-hand man, visionary Nashville artist Chance Martin will have his 1981 private-press masterpiece In Search, reissued on Paradise of Bachelors. Listen to a new song released from the reissue, “Blue Monday”.

“Blue Monday”

Chance Martin In Search

In Search
Paradise of Bachelors
July 16, 2013

Side A
1 – High Test
2 – Love By Chance
3 – Sunn Of Gunn
4 – Just Your Way Of Tellin’ Me
5 – Blue Monday
6 – Don’t Cry Wolf

Side B
1 – Mr. Freedom Man
2 – Angel
3 – Dead Medley
4 – Loser Till You Win
5 – Dusty Roads Of Yesterday
6 – Too High To Land
7 – Drema

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