Singles Buffet: WOODS, A$AP Ferg, Dan Deacon, Obits, more!

Singles Buffet

Singles Buffet highlights new music worth your time. Dig in to a smorgasbord of different musical tastes. And let us know what you’re liking best in the comments section or on our Facebook Page.


eat these first, you’ll likely be back for seconds….

WOODS – “Be All Be Easy”

More of WOODS: Website

Mutya Keisha Siobhan – “Flatline”

More of Mutya Keisha Siobhan: Website

A$AP Ferg: “Shabba” (ft. A$AP Rocky)

More of A$AP Ferg: Soundcloud

Dan Deacon – “Why am I on This Cloud”

More of Dan Deacon: Website

Wesley Stace – “When I Knew”

More of Wesley Stace: Website

our indie rock selections are guaranteed fresh….

Andrew Cedermark – “On Me”

More of Andrew Cedermark: Facebook

Torche – “Leather Feather”

More of Torche: Website

Dog Party – “How Are You Doing”

More of Dog Party: Tumblr

Obits – “Taste the Diff”

More of Obits: Website

Hookworms – “Away / Towards”

More of Hookworms: Facebook

Holograms – “Meditations”

More of Holograms: Website

Dead Professional – “Don’t Be Cruel”

More of Dead Professional: Website

Disappears – “Power”

More of Disappears: Website

Twin Peaks – “Irene”

More of Twin Peaks: Blog

Charity Children – “Empty Vicious Nights”

More of Charity Children: Website

Celestial Shore – “Stairs Under Stars”

Celestial Shore – “Valerie”

More of Celestial Shore: Website

careful of these experimental dishes, there could be adverse side effects….

We Are Temporary – “Hurt”

More of We Are Temporary: Label

Black City Lights – “Offering”

More of Black City Lights: Bandcamp

Solar Year – “Pivot”

More of Solar Year: Website

Alexander von Mehren – “Winter Comes”

More of Alexander von Mehren: Website

Shortcircles – “Patience” (Feat. Lizzy Ellison of Radiation City)

More of Shortcircles: Facebook

Challenger – “Back to Bellevue”

More of Challenger: Website

kandodo – “July 28th”

More of kandodo: Facebook

Grumbling Fur – “Protogenesis”

More of Grumbling Fur: Label

Anna Meredith – “Orlok”

More of Anna Meredith: Website

Museum Of Bellas Artes – “Abyss”

More of Museum of Bellas Artes: Website

bites so tasty that you’ll dance while chewing….

WRLDS – “Those Shoes”

WRLDS – “Visions”

More of WRLDS: Facebook

Bondax – “Giving It All”

More of Bondax: Facebook

Jackson And His Computerband – “Vista”

More of Jackson And His Computerband: Label

Komon – “Poly Sum”

More of Komon: Label

More of Annie: Website

Rone – “Pool” (ft. John Stanier of Battles)

More of Rone: Website

wordlife – “Breakthrough”

More of wordlife: Facebook

remixed with new flavors….

Smallpools – “Dreaming” (The Chainsmokers Remix)

More of The Chainsmokers: Facebook

Ulrich Schnauss – “I Take Comfort In Your Ignorance” (Tycho Remix)

More of Ulrich Schnauss: Facebook

Daft Punk ft. Panda Bear – “Doin’ It Right” (Moombahrock Remix)

More of MoombahRock: Website

More of Adventure: Facebook

And that does it for this week! Let us know what you like in the comments or on our Facebook page!

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