Kid Karate – “Two Times” Video

Kid Karate is vocalist/guitarist Kevin Breen and drummer Steven Gannon. With a sound described a noisier LCD Soundsystem, the pair are looking to make a thunderous debut with their first EP, Lights Out, set to be released in North America and Ireland on July 23rd — with tour dates in America in support of the release. The duo have released a video for the lead single, “Two Times”.

“Two Times” is an honest and provocative glimpse into a story of Irish suburban life. Shot in Darndale, a rough working class suburb of North Dublin, the camera follows the path of a Dubliner acting on the anger and energy of the song’s “I ain’t comin’ back, you won’t hear from me no more!” and trying to get away to leave it all behind.

The video features the talented and rugged Keith Walsh, an Irish skater for Red Bull. Even though Keith’s journey through the city is rather tumultuous at times, the familiar images of the neighbourhood shops, the local kids up to no good in the park, the town thug and even the bottle of Jameson’s bring a sense of stability to the violence of the environment, reinforcing the band’s strong connection to their hometown.

Kid Karate

Upcoming US Shows

July 22 – Hollywood CA – ‘School Night!’ @ Bardot
July 23 – San Diego CA – 91x Presents at The Griffin
July 27 – Chicago IL – Wicker Park Fest
July 30 – Brooklyn NY – Glasslands

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