Video Roundup: Royal Bangs, Lemuria, The Limousines, Cayucas, Mayer Hawthorne, and more!

Royal Bangs – “Better Run”

The Knoxville-based band Royal Bangs have revealed a new video for the single, “Better Run”. “Better Run” appears on the band’s forthcoming fourth full-length, Brass, out September 17th via Modern Art Records. The new album was produced by The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney. In the video for “Better Run”, an evil balloon chases a man and leads to an all out battle.

Royal Bangs Better Run video

The 12-track album was recorded at Haptown Studios in Nashville during May 2012. Of working with the band, Carney comments, “I was really excited to get to produce a Royal Bangs album. I discovered them about six years ago and became so obsessed that I released their first two albums on my label, Audio Eagle, but this is the first chance I’ve had to actually help them make an album. They are one of those bands that just keep getting better and better and I couldn’t be more proud to have been involved with this album and band.”

Lemuria – “Scienceless”

Buffalo, New York’s Lemuria celebrate the release of their new album The Distance Is So Big with an End of the World party, in the new video for “Scienceless”. In the clip, the band host a raucous house party, seemingly to greet an incoming extra terrestrial invasion. The video’s director, Sara Crow at No Future Films says: “I wanted to make something for Lemuria using the idea of eeriness in the suburbs; like there’s this super normal, all-American, wholesome life that has something kind of sinister lying underneath. Also, I think it’s hilarious that every six months there’s a new prediction for the end of the world and everyone just uses it as an excuse to get totally plastered. So we went to the suburbs and threw a rager for an imagined alien invasion!”

Lemuria’s Max Gregor says: “This is definitely the most fun we’ve ever had making a music video. Sara is a wonderful director, and we are very grateful to everyone who gave us their time, house and snacks for this project. Oddly enough, this isn’t the first time we’ve had to ‘act’ like we were partying for a film. To be honest, it’s a lot more exhausting than actually partying, but far more rewarding.”

The Limousines – “Love Is A Dog From Hell”

The Limousines have released a new video for “Love is a Dog From Hell”, the first single from their recent self-released album, Hush. The video for the track, whose title takes its inspiration from a poem written by the infamous author Charles Bukowski, was shot in the Bay Area by director Frank Door who created a modern day film noir world by capturing the duo in all black and white images. The video showcases the guys in their element — skateboarding, hanging with half naked girls in rad leather jackets and sexy high heels, setting fire to keyboards, and smoking A LOT of cigarettes.

Strangefruit – “Sea of Fog”

Strangefruit??? More like strange but exciting new video. Strangefruit have released an interesting new video for their song, “Sea of Fog”, that will either leave you feeling hungry or a little grossed out. The clip was directed by Laura Clarke, and the song is taken from the band’s debut EP, Between The Earth And Sea, out next week (July 1st).

Free Time – “Just One”

Free Time have released a new video for “Just One” from their self-titled album that’s out now through Underwater Peoples. The video was directed by Ben Bernstein and Sam Jones, who convinced the guys to strap GoPro cameras to their heads, and show us a day in the life of Free Time.

The Grouch & Eligh – “All These Lights” (produced by Pretty Lights)

Long-time collaborators The Grouch & Eligh, formerly of the Living Legends collective, have teamed up with electronic music sensation Pretty Lights for their new song and video “All These Lights”. Directed by Sean Michael Williams and Gus Winkelman and produced by Hubtuit, the video debuts a new technique called “lyric-lapsing.” Users of Vine may recognize similarities in the look and feel of the video, but G&E explain: “its much more than that, it’s a combination of stop motion and time lapsing techniques shot with our lyrics synced up simultaneously. For every second of video we did 24 takes, each take being slightly different from the previous. It’s difficult to explain but basically, you have to see it!” The collaboration was honed after the duo met Pretty Lights, a long-time G&E fan, in his home of Colorado. “We had a good rapport,” Grouch notes of meeting Pretty Lights, and the trio united to challenge both of their core sounds.

Cayucas – “East Coast Girl” (Live at Origami Vinyl)

Cayucas has shared live video of their latest single, “East Coast Girl”, from the band’s recent album, Bigfoot. The band played a live set to celebrate the release of their record at Origami Vinyl in Los Angeles back at the beginning of May. The clip was shot & directed by Max Sweeney.

Mayer Hawthorne – “Her Favorite Song”

Mayer Hawthorne has released a new video for “Her Favorite Song”. The video was directed by Marc Klasfeld (Katy Perry, Jay-Z, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Britney Spears). “Her Favorite Song” is the first single and music video from Mayer’s third studio album Where Does This Door Go, which will be released on July 16th via Republic Records.

Matt Pond – “Hole In My Heart”

Matt Pond has shared a new video for “Hole In My Heart” from the album The Lives Inside The Lines In Your Hand out now on BMG. The video was filmed in Orlando, FL and was directed by Jason Kupfer and produced by Tighe Arnold. Matt Pond says, “Cities are like women: There’s a heart in every one of them, even in Orlando. Sometimes, you just have to get on a bike and search for it.” True dat, Mr. Pond.

Old Money – “Rumble in Tenochtitlan”

You’re about to witness a ritual in Old Money‘s new video for “Rumble in Tenochtitlan”. Prepare to be transformed by the duo’s mix of rap and electronic beats. “Rumble in Tenochtitlan” appears on their album, Fire In The Dark.

Bambi Lee Savage – “Oh Loneliness”

Who’s the real protagonist of Bambi Lee Savage‘s new video for “Oh Loneliness”? Is it the lonely girl or loneliness itself? Watch for yourself and see. “Oh Loneliness” is taken from Savage’s third solo album, Darkness Overshadowed.

The Octopus Project – “Sharpteeth”

The Octopus Project made their latest video for “Sharpteeth”, but I think that’s all they want you to know. The band masked their identity, maybe as a way of protecting their true identities when they’re not out saving the world with their music. They eventually reveal faces though. “Sharpteeth” appears on the band’s new album, Fever Forms, out July 9th via Peek-A-Boo Records.

Sharpteeth from The Octopus Project on Vimeo.

j.viewz – “Far Too Close”

j.viewz, otherwise known as Brooklyn songwriter and producer Jonathan Dagan, is thrilled to present the music video for “Far Too Close” in anticipation of the release of his Far Too Close Remixes EP, available July 2nd on iTunes. The video is an epic journey, paying special tribute to pop cinema classics like Back To The Future and Footloose, and was beautifully colored by Damien Acevedo (Justice, Katy Perry).

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