Singles Buffet: Chelsea Wolfe, Ghost Wave, METZ, CHVRCHES, more!

Singles Buffet

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Chelsea Wolfe

Photo credit: Kristin Cofer

try out our tastiest dishes of the week….

Chelsea Wolfe – “The Warden”

More of Chelsea Wolfe: Facebook

Ghost Wave – “Here She Comes”

More of Ghost Wave: Website

METZ – “Can’t Understand”

More of METZ: Website

CHVRCHES – “Gun” (Groundislava Remix)

More of CHVRCHES: Website

Medicine – “It’s Not Enough”

More of Medicine: Label

Joey Bada$$ – “Amethyst Rockstar” (Feat. Kirk Knight) (Prod. MF DOOM)

More of Joey Bada$$: Tumblr

Pruno Truman – “Sleeping With The TV On”

More of Pruno Truman: Label

Eliza and the Bear – “Friends”

More of Eliza and the Bear: Website

Paul White – “Find A Way” Ft. Homeboy Sandman

More of Paul White: Soundcloud

Drake – “Jodeci Freestyle”

More of Drake: Website

Bridie Jackson & Arbour – “Prolong”

More of Bridie Jackson & Arbour: Website

Joseph Childress – “Whispering Tide”

More of Joseph Childress: Facebook

Jon Hopkins and Hayden Thorpe – “Goodbye Horses” (Q Lazzarus cover)

More of Jon Hopkins: Website

HBS (Ben Shepherd of Soundgarden) – “Baron Robber”

More of HBS: Website

Dent May – “Born Too Late”

More of Dent May: Website

Fox & Woman – “Ouro Fino”

More of Fox & Woman: Website

Essie Jain – “Raise You”

More of Essie Jain: Website

this indie rock is slow cooked to perfection….

More of Typhoon: Website

Jacuzzi Boys – “Domino Moon”

More of Jacuzzi Boys: Website

Flaamingos – “Walk A Wire”

More of Flaamingos: Tumblr

Ghost Parade – “Reach”

More of Ghost Parade: Facebook

Diarrhea Planet – “Kids”

More of Diarrhea Planet: Blog

Naam – “In the Hour”

More of Naam: Facebook

Richard Buckner – “When You Tell Me How It Is”

More of Richard Buckner: Website

TRAAMS – “Low”

More of TRAAMS: Tumblr

More of The Bullitts: Website

Filligar – “Photos of Madrid”

More of Filligar: Website

White Dove – “Sister”

More of White Dove: Website

for those with a taste for exploration of experimental delicacies….

Bedfellows – “Coming Up”

More of Bedfellows: Bandcamp

Pony Bwoy – “Hallowed Ground”

More of Pony Bwoy: Website

Big French – “Payback”

More of Big French: Label

My Gold Mask – “Dangerous”

More of My Gold Mask: Website

J£ZUS MILLION – “Illusions Of” (feat. Charli XCX)

More of J£ZUS MILLION: Website

spices so rich that you’ll flail like you’re having a taste seizure….

Cyril Hahn – “Perfect Form” ft. Shy Girls

More of Cyril Hahn: Website

T.Williams – “Three Letters”

More of T.Williams: Website

Fort Romeau – “Desire”

More of Fort Romeau: Facebook

Dawn of Midi – “Algol”

More of Dawn of Midi: Website

Shortcircles – “On My Mind” (Vocals by Sarah K. Melfy)

More of Shortcircles: Facebook

Circle Traps – “Obelisk”

More of Circle Traps: Facebook

The Russian Futurists – “Cochineal Red” ft. Jeremy Greenspan

More of The Russian Futurists: Website

once again, we’ve changed a few ingredients for a fresh new taste on an old favorite….

Rihanna – “Diamond Thrones” (White Panda Mashup)

More of White Panda: Website

Lindstrøm – “Vos-sako-rv” (Fred Falke Remix)

More of Lindstrøm: Website

Escort – “Barbarians” (Tiger & Woods Remix)

More of Escort: Website

Doldrums – “Egypt” (Cadence Weapon Remix)

Austra + Gina X – “Mayan Drums” (Doldrums Remix)

More of Doldrums: Website

More of Cadence Weapon: Facebook

The High Wire – “LNOE” (Ghost Loft Remix)

More of The High Wire: Website

Antwon – “Dark Denim” (Sombear Remix)

More of Antwon: Website

More of Sombear: Tumblr

More of Susanne Sundfør: Website

Vondelpark – “Always Forever” (John Roberts remix)

Vondelpark – “Always Forever” (Tuesday Born remix)

More of Vondelpark: Website

Sally Shapiro – “Lives Together” (Tommy Remix)

More of Sally Shapiro: Website

And that does it for this week! Let us know what you like in the comments or on our Facebook page!

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