Tunng – Turbines Review

Tunng Turbines

Porno and Fairytales never sounded so good!

Full Time Hobby, 2013

7.1 / 10

Original members, Mike Lindsay and Sam Gender, of folktronica band, Tunng, began collaborating their musical efforts creating scores for softcore porn. When their desire to expand their talents into a band actually became stronger, they added female vocalists Ashley Bates and Becky Jacobs and additional instrumentalists Phil Winter and Martin Smith. They released their first full length album, This Is…Tunng, in 2005 and followed up with Comments of the Inner Chorus in 2006. Sam Genders opted out of performing live, which left the remaining members performing more as a collective for acts like Doves at the end of their 2005 tour. Genders officially stopped recording with the band on their 2010 release, And Then We Saw Land. The band has released a total of four albums thus far, been included in soundtracks for shows such as The O.C. and Weeds and featured on many tribute albums. I actually first became aware of them with their beautiful cover of Tim Buckley’s “No Man Can Find The War” on the tribute¬†album: Dream Brother: The Songs of Tim and Jeff Buckley.

Now Tunng bring to life a sweet storybook of pretty and strange small town songs with Turbines. After composing the music components first and then adding the lyrics, they’ve created lives, peculiarities and personalities of their fictional villagers. The album flows so smoothly that it doesn’t feel like a storybook album, but you listen and are absorbed into the stories of the each of the different characters. The music is unbelievably beautiful and engaging, and the soft gorgeous lyrics are whispered to you as if being told a bedtime tale. Each song is a peek down a rabbit hole into someone’s life, lovingly played out honestly and emphatically. It makes for a very fine listen as a whole as well. You’ll leave after 40 minutes feeling like you’ve had tea with some new friends. I recommend a listen in it’s entirety. And you’ll keep coming back to hear your favorites for comfort.

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