Alex Burkat – Tarot EP Review

Alex Burkat Tarot EP

Global Warming inspired this 4-song EP from Alex Burkat.

100% Silk, 2013

7.0 / 10

Mother Nature’s a crazy woman, and whether or not you believe in the Global Warming theory, it’s easy enough to admit that she’s going through some sort of bi-polar stage currently, turning temperatures from one extreme to another and tossing a variety of natural disasters our way. Alex Burkat’s new 4-song 12” Tarot is said to have been inspired by mysticism and global warming. However, if you’re looking for formulated thoughts from Mr. Burkat, you’ll need to translate his house-heavy compositions.

Tarot’s tracks share a reptilian quality of shedding their skin, revealing new textures throughout their progressions — usually starting with a steady beat before heightening the excitement with layers of synthesizers and then gradually quieting the overzealous affairs to a comforting finish. The album’s title track comes in two forms with the first executed in an utopian cleanliness where no beats sound out of place. The whole track is quite tidy. “Tarot” then reappears as a “Global Warming Mix” that adds a bit more volatile tension and would be suited for committing a heist. If there’s any insight on global warming itself, then I missed the allusion.

However, Alex Burkat’s best moment from Tarot is actually the release’s second song, “Last Cigarette”. With its easy enough title, imagining it as a commentary on addiction ties with the track’s euphoric party-hard composition that comes to a halt to reveal the striking of a match and the party begins all over again. However, there’s more tension this second go-round, a realization of panic for this being the promised last cigarette. And as we say goodbye with Burkat, we’re also saying hello to a promising new electronic musician.

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