John Newman – “Love Me Again” (Love Thy Brother Remix)

Love Thy Brother

Love Thy Brother stake claim for best summer remix their take on John Newman’s “Love Me Again”.

Montreal’s sibling production duo Conor & Liam Clarke, aka Love Thy Brother, have released a hot new remix of British soul singer John Newman’s “Love Me Again”. Likely familiar to fans for their past remixes of Daughter, The xx, Lana Del Rey, and others, Love Thy Brother are staking their claim for the best remix of the summer with their exciting take on “Love Me Again”. The Clarke brothers put special emphasis on Newman’s thrilling chorus — “I need to know now/ Know now/ Can you love me again?” — instilling a thrilling urgency as if Newman’s life depends on the answer.

While the original song could already be touted as one of the year’s best songs, Love Thy Brother punch it up with their take on dance music, which mixes disco and french house with vintage production. Listen to their remix of “Love Me Again”, followed by Newman’s original version of the song below.

“Love Me Again” (original)

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