Video Roundup: Hebronix – “Viral”; Poliça – “Tiff”; Kisses – “Huddle”; more!

Hebronix – “Viral”

Former Yuck frontman Daniel Blumberg has shared a video for “Viral”, the second single from his new project Hebronix. Stacy Martin, lead actress from forthcoming Lars Von Trier feature Nymphomaniac and Sonja Kinski of the Kinksi acting dynasty star in the new clip. Filmed and produced in LA by Michael Reich, Martin and Kinski play Blumberg’s devoted dream girls. “Viral” appears on Hebronix’s debut album, Unreal, out July 8th (UK) / 9th (US) on ATP Recordings.

still from video

still from video

Poliça – “Tiff” (featuring Justin Vernon)

Poliça have shared a new video for “Tiff”. The song will be a part of the just announced new album Shulamith, the follow-up to last year’s Give You the Ghost. Mom + Pop will release the album this fall. Poliça frontwoman Channy Leaneagh says the video is “a portrait of a woman as her own worst enemy.” It’s actually a pretty brutal clip

The Uncluded – “The Aquarium”

“The Aquarium” is the second single from The Uncluded’s debut album Hokey Fright, recently released via Rhymesayers. The darkly comic video features numerous aquariums and sea-creatures.

Steve Mason – “A Lot of Love”

More politicians and public officials should follow the lead of the protagonist in Steve Mason‘s video for “A Lot of Love”. Hey, people are throwing eggs at you, the media is depicting you as a scumbag, some wormy guy is interviewing you — these things take their toll. Just free yourself of the burden and have a dance. “A Lot of Love” is taken from his recent album, Monkey Minds In The Devil’s Time. The video for “A Lot of Love” was directed by Greg Davenport.

Arthur Beatrice – “Carter (Uncut)”

Arthur Beatrice‘s shadowy video for “Carter (Uncut)” explores sensuality — lots of slow-moving shots over bare backs and shoulder collars. It’s like a Maxim photo shoot, never truly showing you the goods. The song appears on their highly anticipated Carter EP out July 23 via the newly re-launched Harvest Records.

Kisses – “Huddle”

Kisses have shared a video for “Huddle,” taken from their latest release, Kids in LA, out now on Cascine. Set in sunny California and created as a darker parody about the upper crust college bound, the video serves not to critique other’s lifestyles, but rather to observe them. Kisses’ Jesse says, “We are not trying to pass judgment on rich kids who grew up in LA. Everything in life is relative. I believe that people’s problems in life, whether they seem petty or trite to us, still affect them in the same way that others with (what may appear to be) heavier problems are effected.” The video was directed by Adrian Buitenhuis with Ben Loeb as director of photography.

Dungeonesse – “Nightlight”

Dungeonesse have shared a new video for “Nightlight”, directed by Ariana Natale. Of the video, Dungeonesse’s Jenn Wasner says, “‘Nightlight’ is one of the most bittersweet songs on the record for me. It’s about the kind of heartbreak that finds you even once you think you’ve escaped it — the kind that keeps you up at night, agonizing over those little things you can’t forget. I had such a great time working with Ariana and her crew — envisioning the bleary-eyed, sleep-deprived fantasy world that exists in the space between waking and sleeping, where dreams and reality overlap and eventually become one.” “Nightlight” is taken from the band’s self-titled debut album out now via Secretly Canadian.

Ane Brun – “This Voice 2013”

Ane Brun is readying her retrospective release Songs 2003-2013 out on September 10 on Ballooon Ranger Records. To get you even more hyped, she’s shared a video for “This Voice 2013”. About the clip Brun told Paste, “This new version of ‘This Voice,’ originally released 2005, is how I’ve performed it live in the last 2-3 years with my band. It’s been very popular amongst my audience, and I’ve recieved numerous requests for a studio version.” French filmmaker Valerie Tomayan directed the clip, and it features footage from live performances around Europe during Brun’s 2011-2012 tours.

Light Heat – “And The Birds…”

Once associated with Mazarin, Quentin Stoltzfus is breaking away from that now-defunct project to bring you Light Heat. On June 25th Stoltzfus will release Light Heat’s self-titled debut on Ribbon Music. He’s released the hazy, sunburnt video for “And The Birds…” from the album. Watch it below.

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