Video Roundup: Slava – “Girl Like Me”; Hanni El Khatib – “Penny”; The Silent Comedy – “God Neon”; more

Slava – “Girl Like Me”

Slava has released a video for “Girl Like Me”, directed by Eugene Kotlyarenko. The clip pairs Slava’s signature sound with a dark take on sibling relationships. “‘Girl Like Me’ is about sourcing darkness from desire. It’s backbone rests on a siren call and a taunt, simultaneously. I think Slava often takes tired musical elements and fills them with surprises that are dangerous, clever, sexy, brutal and cathartic,” says Kotlyarenko.

Slava Girl Like Me video

What results is the tale of brother and sister who’s misguided adventure ends in confusion and despair, soundtracked by Slava’s haunting “Girl Like Me”. Though the results may make some uncomfortable, Kotlyarenko explains his thoughts on the narrative and subject matter as such: “People often act against their better interests, with full knowledge. The ugliest behavior is also sometimes the coolest or most beautiful in a different context. Our world is filled with myriad new disjunctions arising from the torrent of changes in technology, communication and social conventions. Life has always been confusing.”

I will say that for a music video with incest as the theme, it’s beautifully shot, and Slava’s music fits perfectly.

Hanni El Khatib – “Penny”

Hanni El Khatib has released a new video for “Penny” from his album, Head in the Dirt. Directed by Simon Cahn, the video finds a group of inmates empathizing with the sentiments Hanni expresses in the song.

The Silent Comedy – “God Neon”

It’s easy to get caught up in the bright lights of a big city while disregarding your own safety, or at least that’s what the protagonist learns in The Silent Comedy‘s new video for “God Neon”. The song is taken from the band’s Friends Divide EP.

Safety Scissors – “Progress and Perseverance”

Out this week is the album, In A Manner of Sleeping, from Matthew Curry aka Safety Scissors. He’s released a VHS style video for his track “Progress and Perseverance”. Check it out below.

Y La Bamba – Ponce Pilato

Picking up honors for one of favorite albums of 2012, Y La Bamba are sharing a new video from that album, Court The Storm. The video is for “Ponce Pilato” and features The Olivia Darlings, a Portland-based aquatic dance troop who are actively involved in reviving synchronized swimming. Check out their swimming skills in the new clip below.

Frank Lenz – “Make A Fist And Punch A Raccoon”

Filmed at a microscopic level through the use of macro lens photography, the visuals in Frank Lenz‘ new video for “Make A Fist And Punch A Raccoon” aren’t always what they seem. Those big chunks of flying color are actually microscopic particles of pigment powder vibrating upon the surface of a just-struck metal glockenspiel, while the opening sequence features metal shavings dancing via magnet. The clip was directed by Steve Elkins.

“Steve has lead a very colorful life, the places he’s been and things he’s filmed have blown my mind,” explains Lenz. “I was so happy to have him work on this video. I knew he would be able to capture the dreamy, ethereal, dazed qualities of the song visually. And he has.”

Matthew & Me – “Modern Life”

Matthew & Me recently finished their debut EP at Rockfield Studios with producer Bruno Ellingham. The 5-track CD EP is titled MMXIII, and will release on 15th July via Quiet Recordings. Watch the video for the lead single, “Modern Life”, below.

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