Video Roundup: Typhoon – “Dreams of Cannibalism”; The xx – “Fiction”; Grandchildren – “End Times”; more!

Typhoon – “Dreams of Cannibalism”

Just what’s going on Typhoon‘s new video for “Dreams of Cannibalism”. Well, a guy escapes from Amish captors, only to be hunted down and put to death with his friends. However, if you think that I’ve gone and spoiled the entire video, you’d be wrong. There’s actually a TWIST ending that would require 300 words of explanation that I just don’t feel like typing. “Dreams of Cannibalism” appears on Typhoon’s forthcoming album, White Lighter, out August 20th on Roll Call Records.

Typhoon - Dreams of Cannibalism video

still from video

The xx – “Fiction”

The xx‘s new video video for “Fiction” was directed by Young Replicant (who also made the video for The xx’s “Chained”). The clip was shot in Palm Springs during the band’s recent US tour in very slick black-and-white. “Fiction” is taken from The xx’s second album Coexist.

Grandchildren – “End Times”

Grandchildren‘s new claymation video for “End Times” makes me yearn for the ’80s when you could see this stuff all the time. Director Meagan Jenigen describes her choice to use stop-motion claymation, stating “The first few lines bring me imagery of personal apocalypse and questions of cosmic reality. Working with these themes and surreal imagery inspired by the music, I used experimental animation techniques to address many layers of transformation, death, and rebirth.” “End Times” appears on Grandchildren’s album, Golden Age.

Merchandise – “Total Nite”

Merchandise is sharing the brand new music video for their 8 minute long epic “Totale Nite”. The video was directed by the band themselves and shot by Andrew Petersson.

Tripwires – “Shimmer”

Boy, those Radiohead comparisons are more apt than ever in Tripwires‘ video for “Shimmer”. I mean it’s like they don’t even give a shit about the video so they just throw up plastic wrap in the background and play in front of it. This is the Kid A of their music videos, forgoing fans’ expectations of a cinematic music video. I’m teasing of course! Things wind up getting quite fun with roller skaters and all kinds of chaos. “Shimmer” appears on Tripwires’ forthcoming album, Spacehopper, out June 18th.

Turnpike Glow – “Her Flaming Lips”

London based psychotropic pop band Turnpike Glow have released a video for their single, “Her Flaming Lips”. Yes, it’s an homage to The Flaming Lips. Vocalist and guitarist Sandro Schiena says: “In the story, the girl has that rare feeling of being happy with what she’s got and not needing anything else – which is the sort of message we get when listening to The Flaming Lips or going to one of their shows. Right from the start we want to trigger the audience’s attention and make them wonder what the hell is going on. Our aim was to come up with a simple but visually entertaining idea with a final twist.”

letlive. – “Banshee (Ghost Fame)”

What is this — 2001? At least, that’s what I was saying after watching the video for “Banshee (Ghost Fame)” by nu-metal band letlive. (note: this is not the end of the sentence; they have a period after their lowercase name).

Black Taxi – “House On Fire”

Who doesn’t like a good video on taxidermy? And while you likely associate the profession of stuffing dead animal corpses with absolute ghoulish people, the taxidermist in Black Taxi’s video for “House of Fire” is somewhat attractive…in a she-would-look-better-with-makeup kind of way. Believe it or not, but the woman in the video is a real-life taxidermist. Check out her work HERE. Wait a minute! Black Taxi…taxide…taxidermy! It all makes sense now!

Radar Brothers – “If We Were Banished”

For Radar Brothers new video for “If We Were Banished”, a car takes it upon itself to go for a little joy ride. See, they really like doing that kind of thing when we’re sleeping at night. It’s just like PIXAR’s Cars. “If We Were Banished” appears on Radar Brothers’ album, Eight, out now through Merge Records.

Rone – “Let’s Go

French electronic artist Rone has released a video for “Let’s Go”, adding to the hype of his recently announced new remix EP, Tohu Bonus, out July 1st on Infiné. The new release features remixes of songs taken off last year’s Tohu Bohu. Directed by Julien Carot and featuring vocals from High Priest of Antipop Consortium, “Let’s Go” is a gravity-defying video where people air swim.

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