Eldkraft – Shaman Review

Eldkraft - Shaman

While it’s not particularly generic, Shaman is completely mediocre.

Metal Blade, 2013

5.6 / 10

Eldkraft are one of Sweden’s newest metal bands, active only since 2011. Shaman is their first LP, and it could be much, much better. At the moment the band has only two members, John Sandin and Hans Karlsson, but both of these guys have been in a few bands together, including Horde of Hel and Odhinn. It would stand to reason, then, that these two have some metal cred to throw around. This makes it that much more sad that Shaman fails to deliver.

The general sound produced by Eldkraft on this record is this kind of atmospheric, reverb-heavy metal. There are some songs that feature heavier distortion and some pretty serious double bass drumming (“Undrets Tid”, “Moder Liv Till Grav”) but most of what’s going on musically here sounds the same across most songs. The only real standout track is “Patterns”, which eventually winds up borrowing from Dimmu Borgir’s sound and doing so more than adequately. It’s the only real cut that sounds different, and I’d be much more interested in Eldkraft if they went a little more in that direction. It sounds as if they’re capable of making some pretty good symphonic death metal, so why they sort of languish in whatever sonic realm they’re in is somewhat confusing. The general feel is that there’s a lack of focus across the LP as a whole. I’d discuss lyrics, but 90% of them are in Swedish and I don’t speak the language.

The Bottom Line: Shaman is an unfortunately uninspiring first effort from Eldkraft. Given the history of its members, there’s some potential here, but this particular album doesn’t do much to live up to it.

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