Ell V Gore – Sex Static EP Review

Ell V Gore Sex Static

Just what is that noise coming through the static? It’s more creepy than arousing.

Last Gang Records, 2013

7.6 / 10

24-year-old musician Ell V heads up the project Ell V Gore, one that sounds born at the gates of hell and then left abandoned in Toronto’s club district. Ell V has played in various “weirdo” (his word, not mine) punk and no wave bands, so he’s had the practice to realize his latest vision of…what exactly would you call this? Sinister lo-fi party blend? No, that’s my new flavor of coffee. Ell V Gore is a mixture of post-punk and goth — think: Bauhaus visiting Dirty Beaches. At first, the disorienting effect of Sex Static’s four songs can be off-putting. It’s like having an inner ear infection and trying to find your way through a dark room. I would expect many listeners to walk away unconcerned with ever hearing Sex Static again. However, I implore you to dig through the white noise because there’s treasure buried here — sweet lubed up treasure.

Sex Static, while not overly sexual as the title implies (unless pain is a fetish), is a celebration of vamped out paranoia. Noises bounce off the wall, Ell V’s voice carries in various echoed directions, the guitars are angry, and the drums are beaten into oblivion. It’s some scary shit. “Lobotomy” works as evil surf pop with Ell V doing his best zombie Elvis impersonation. And before you start trying to make sense of what he’s singing, entertain the idea of him performing a lobotomy on you. He’d likely replace pieces of your brain with lint or shirt buttons.

The guy loves playing off listeners’ confusion, hiding his music under a shadowy veil. I would say that it makes the songs that more intense. However, if he did lift the lo-fi fog from “Smack Me Up”, we might be dealing with an absolute monster of a song. Its crunching guitars and manic drum pounding (or smacking, in this case) are already intimidating. I even believe that Ell V scares himself. In one moment of clarity on “Her Vicious”, he sings, “I am losing sleep over this”. Nice to know you’re human, buddy.

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