Singles Buffet: Nine Inch Nails, Superchunk, Forest Swords, and more!

Singles Buffet

Singles Buffet highlights new music worth your time. Dig in to a smorgasbord of different musical tastes. And let us know what you’re liking best in the comments section or on our Facebook Page.

Trent Reznor

Photo by Rob Sheridan

this week’s main courses…

Nine Inch Nails – “Came Back Haunted”

More of Nine Inch Nails: Website / Facebook / Twitter

Superchunk – “FOH”

More of Superchunk: Website / Twitter

Forest Swords – “Thor’s Stone”

More of Forest Swords: Website / Facebook / Twitter

Billy Woods – “Tinseltown”

More of Billy Woods: Facebook

Sarah Johns Music Party – “Green Bud”

More of Sarah Johns Music Party: Blog / Facebook

Boldy James – “Chirps”

More of Boldy James: Website / Twitter

Seatraffic – “Conscious Awake”

More of Seatraffic: Website / Facebook / Twitter

Black Taxi – “House on Fire”

More of Black Taxi: Website / Facebook / Twitter

The Silent Comedy – “God Neon”

More of The Silent Comedy: Website / Facebook

The Neighbourhood – “No Grey”

More of The Neighbourhood: Website / Facebook / Twitter

Arthur Beatrice – “Carter (Cut)”

More of Arthur Beatrice: Tumblr / Facebook / Twitter

The Delta Mirror – “Undeveloped Unreturned”

More of The Delta Mirror: Facebook / Twitter

Ensemble Economique – “We Come Spinning Out Of Control”

More of Ensemble Economique: Tumblr / Facebook

Motion Sickness of Time Travel – “Song of Zenana”

More of Motion Sickness of Time Travel: Blog / Facebook / Bandcamp

nothing burps better than greasy indie rock…

Ovlov – “Nu Punk”

More of Ovlov: Bandcamp / Facebook

La Luz – “Brainwash”

More of La Luz: Bandcamp / Facebook / Twitter

Dog Party – “Jet Pack”

More of Dog Party: Tumblr / Facebook

Oblivians – “Pinball King”

More of Oblivians: Facebook

The Torn ACLs – “Industry”

More of The Torn ACLs: Website / Facebook

Islet – “Inlet”

More of Islet: Website / Facebook / Twitter

Steel Phantoms – “Matt LeBlanc”

More of Steel Phantoms: Website

Big Black Cloud – “Cities of the Red Night”

More of Big Black Cloud: Facebook / Bandcamp

Feuding Fathers – “Brass Knucks”

More of Feuding Fathers: Facebook / Bandcamp

Travis Bretzer – “Trying To Learn”

More of Travis Bretzer: Facebook / Twitter / Bandcamp

Apache Tears – “Barricades”

More of Apache Tears: Website / Facebook / Twitter

no matter how you cook it, POP is always appetizing…

Ebony Bones – “Mystery Babylon Balloon”

More of Ebony Bones: Website / Facebook

Delooze – “Lost Army” (Radio Edit)

More of Delooze: Website / Facebook / Twitter

Azar Swan – “In My Mouth”

More of Azar Swan: Website / Facebook

Cloud Control – “Dojo Rising”

More of Cloud Control: Website / Facebook

PAPA – “If You’re My Girl, Then I’m Your Man”

More of PAPA: Website / Facebook / Twitter

Young Aundee – “Young Tuesday” (Yaz Cover)

More of Young Aundee: Facebook / Twitter

fist pump that fork into these amazing dishes…

THE-DRUM – “Switch”

More of THE-DRUM: Facebook / Twitter

Egadz – “Ghost”

More of Egadz: Website / Facebook / Twitter

John Talbot – “So will be now…” (Club Revision)

More of John Talbot: Soundcloud

Jeremy Greenspan – “Saint Hood”

More of Jeremy Greenspan: Soundcloud

Quickie Mart – “Ass Rotation” (Original Mix)

More of Quickie Mart: Website / Facebook / Twitter

Boys Noize – “Starwin”

More of Boys Noize: Website / Facebook / Twitter

CFCF – “Camera”

More of CFCF: Tumblr / Twitter

Dawn of Midi – “Nix”

More of Dawn of Midi: Website / Facebook

Shortcircles – “All I Can Be For You”

More of Shortcircles: Facebook / Bandcamp

Pazes – “Frozen” ft. Biblo

More of Pazes: Soundcloud

Jimmy Edgar – “Hot Inside”

More of Jimmy Edgar: Website / Facebook

RxGibbs – “Retrograde”

More of RxGibbs: Facebook / Bandcamp

Zorch – ‘This is the Way it Goes”

More of Zorch: Website / Facebook / Bandcamp

Rudimental – “Spoons” (ft. MNEK & Syron)

More of Rudimental: Website / Facebook

Pillar Point – “Diamond Mine”

More of Pillar Point: Website / Facebook / Twitter

Lone – “Airglow Fires”

More of Lone: Facebook / Twitter

Saturday, Monday – “The Road”

More of Saturday, Monday: Facebook

new ingredients have been added to these familiar dishes…

Rudimental – “Spoons” ft. MNEK & Syron [Two Inch Punch Remix]

More of Rudimental: Website / Facebook

Katy B – “What Love Is Made Of” (MK Remix)

More of Katy B: Website / Facebook / Twitter

Ra Ra Riot – “Dance With Me” (Walk The Moon Remix)

More of Ra Ra Riot: Website / Facebook / Twitter

My Gold Mask – “Some Secrets” (California Wives Remix)

More of My Gold Mask: Website / Facebook / Twitter

Gentlemen Hall – “Sail Into The Sun” (RAC Mix)

More of Gentlemen Hall: Website / Facebook / Twitter

Bird Call – “Phantom Limbs” ((My Great Ghost REMIX))

More of Bird Call: Website / Facebook / Twitter

And that does it for this week! Let us know what you like in the comments or on our Facebook page!

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