Pick & Mix: Phoenix – “Lisztomania”

French indie rockers Phoenix are a household name in indie dance, having dominated festivals and dancefloors the world over since the 90s. They were a pioneering act of indie electronica, merging guitar music and electronic music and bringing the sound to the mainstream in Europe and the US.


Photo credit: Arnaud Potier

“Lisztomania” is arguably Phoenix’s biggest hit, taken from their influential 2009 album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. After realizing the EDM potential of the track, DJs and producers decided to remix the track to death en masse. Here’s a choice cut of the pile of spin-offs.

3. Yuksek Remix
Fellow French indie electronica maestro Yuksek gives the track a delightfully maximalist electro house makeover.

2. Alex Metric Remix
Eclectic electronic music artist Alex Metric, darling of East London’s club scene, puts a glitchy, synthpop spin on the track.

1. Classixx Remix
Pure disco magic from American duo Classixx in this brilliantly realized remix.

Enjoying our top 3? Care to dispute? Comment away with rival remixes.

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