Klassik – In the Making Review

Klassik In The Making

I’m going to guess that Klassik doesn’t have confidence issues.

Klass Act Productions, 2012

7.7 / 10

Rapper/producer Klassik’s first mixtape, In the Making, is a big, dumb crowd-pleaser. There is seventy-two minutes worth of music on here but practically no lyrical content worth speaking about—Klassik raps about how awesome he is, how awesome “we” are, about how awesome music is, about how awesome his music is, about how awesome the Midwest is, and about how awesome being happy feels. This is all executed well enough, but if you insist on listening to music that features intelligent lyrics, keep moving. You’re not wanted at this party.

What earns the score above are the beats that Klassik has crafted. I’m not the sort of person who insists that trained musicians like Klassik are automatically better than artists who learned their craft on their own terms, but there’s something to be said about Klassik’s piano work, his drum choice, and his effortless ability to maintain the same pace over the course of seventy minutes without losing his audience. In the Making feels half as long as it actually is, so for whatever faults I can find with Klassik’s lyrics, I have to give that he is doing something right.

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