Just What Is Going on in Ten Kens’ “Gently Used” Video

What do you see in Ten Kens’ “Gently Used” video?

Toronto ethereal, heavy psychedelic artrock group Ten Kens have released a video for “Gently Used” from their third album, Namesake. The band is preparing to re-release the album internationally this year. This version of Namesake is an expanded special edition from an earlier digital-only album. This special edition includes 4 previously unreleased tracks recorded during the Namesake sessions and makes the album’s first physical release. Check out the track list below.

Ten Kens Namesake cover

Ten Kens
May 21, 2013

01) Death In The Family
02) Bliss
03) Gently Used
04) Fetal Misgivings
05) The Calm Of The Car
06) Mousetrap (featuring the Mars Volta’s Adrian Terrazas Gonzalez)
07) The Field Around Your Van
08) German Purity
09) When A Door Opens
10) Namesake
11) Take Me To Your Leader (bonus track)
12) Little League Now (bonus track)
13) Above The Ego (bonus track)
14) Whatever Man (bonus track)

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