Vagina Report: Ke$ha Pees In Street // Grimes’ New Rings

In the first and perhaps only edition of the ‘Vagina Report’, we take a look at Ke$ha’s irritable bladder, Grimes’ fashionable new rings.

I guess that old adage, When you gotta go, you gotta go, applies in Ke$ha’s case. The singer was stuck in traffic while nature was calling rather loudly, and she did what any sane person with the bladder the size of an acorn would do. She urinated in the street. Oh, and she tweeted about it and included a picture.

pee pee on the street. PoPo come n get me if u can find meeee. I blame traffic

So if you happened to be stuck in traffic with Ke$ha and saw a woman pissing in the middle of the road, that was her. If the image of a vagina spraying a golden mist in the middle of the street is too much for you, then you need to lighten up. A woman’s vagina isn’t as taboo as it used to be. I’m serious.

Proving my point is indie pop star Grimes making a foray into the fashion industry. Her first offering is a line of rings called “Grimes’ Pussy Rings” that she created with Montreal-based jeweler and sculptor Morgan Black.

Yes, those are sculpted vaginas, meant to be worn around your fingers. I’m sure most guys would agree that the rings would make more sense if the finger went into the vagina. Grimes’ new jewelry begs the question as to which demographic will be wearing the jewelry. Will Grimes’ Pussy Rings be marketed to men or women?

I will guess women since Grimes is sporting the rings. The new rings should make formal introductions more fun – guys can lean in and plant a kiss on ring, but they may get scolded if they don’t use enough tongue.

I hope this is only the beginning of Grimes’ jewelry lines. Will we get to see testicle earrings next?

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