Rainbow Arabia’s “Lacking Risk” Is Dangerous and Sexy

Rainbow Arabia

Rainbow Arabia aren’t scared to take risks.

Rainbow Arabia are back with a new single from their forthcoming sophomore full-length, FM Sushi. The new album arrives on April 15th through Time No Place/Kompakt. The new single, “Lacking Risk”, downplays itself with its title. What you actually get is a complex track mixing romantic synthesizers with hints of a dark side. It sounds both sexy and dangerous. Listen to it below.

“Lacking Risk”

From the press release:

“Two musical vectors simultaneously approach 1985 and 2025, intersecting briefly in the present. Their Weirding Modules are armed with sounds reminiscent of Orchestral Manouveres in the Dark, Tangerine Dream, Vince Clark, and Jan Hammer. Rainbow Arabia prepare for a war of wavelengths where amplitude and timbre arrive at a sunset-lit shore, emerging from a white Ferrari, armed to the teeth, and prepared for action of Miami Vice magnitude.”

Rainbow Arabia FM Sushi

Rainbow Arabia
FM Sushi
out April 15th, 2013

Track Listing
1. River’s Edge
2. He Is Sorcerer
3. Math Quiz
4. Lacking Risk
5. Thai Iced Tea
6. Three Moons
7. FM Sushi
8. Precreation
9. Moments I Had
10. Silence Me

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