Hot As Sun – Night Time Sound Desire Review

Hot As Sun Night Time Sound Desire

Hot As Sun’s sun-baked vocals and glitzy beats bring out the boing boing.

Last Gang Records, 2013

6.3 / 10

No doubt there’s a lot going on in Night Time Sound Desire, the debut full-length from Hot As Sun. Initially formed by the core duo of Jamie Jackson and Deborah Stoll, they became a trio after taking on a male member WAZ to round out the band and tighten up their songwriting. Just as listeners might expect from the trio’s name — Hot As Sun — the sun-baked vocals and glitzy beats bring out the boing boing. The kids will dahnce, sway, lose their shit, and misspell easy enough words while texting to their friends while under the influence of the band’s music — look no further than my misspelling of ‘dance’.

Night Time Sound Desire isn’t meant to be lyrically complex or require too much thinking on the part of its listeners. It merely exists for fun; the party life. As such, there really isn’t much conflict present in the songs other than maybe who’s in charge of buying the beer. Members Jamie Jackson and Deborah Stoll initially bonded over their love of “weird sounds”, and the arrangements are Night Time Sound Desire‘s strongest selling point. Mixing everything from straight electro-pop to dubstep to reggae to hip hop, the album is a high school kid’s collage of differing interests. Fortunately, they gel pretty well with the best coming through on the anthemic “Mother, I’m Alive” to the downright ballsy “War With Time”, and “Dime In The Pocket” could pass as a Santigold B-side.

At their worst, some songs are a bit too cutesy wootsey and hard to take serious, like a girl decorating love notes with sunshine or star illustrations. Also, the album’s 13 track length is a bit daunting, especially for an indie-oriented audience spoiled on 10 tracks or less. Night Time Sound Desire isn’t completely desirable, but it is fun and lead single, “Dahnce To The Beat”, will bring out your inner partygoer.

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