Subliminal Stunner: Blackberry Z10 Commercial ft. Tame Impala “Elephant”

Subliminal Stunner Earbuddy

Blackberry set to trample smartphone competition with help from Tame Impala’s “Elephant”.

Blackberry has been getting trashed by critics saying the phone is outdated and only surviving thanks to its widespread acceptance in the corporate business world. However, with Samsung’s Galaxy S3 and the iPhone both making waves in recent advertising campaigns as a ‘business smartphone’, Blackberry is finally answering back. Their latest offering is the Z10, a fully functional touchscreen smartphone, as opposed to their ancient design of tiny letter keys. However, just because Blackberry is merely satisfying critics with their own smartphone doesn’t mean consumers will flock to it with open wallets. That’s where a trendy advertising campaign comes in, and Blackberry is bringing out the big guns with firepower courtesy of Tame Impala’s Lonerism cut, “Elephant”.

Casual listeners unfamiliar with the Australian band or last year’s excellent Lonerism are quick to make a comparison to The Beatles. And if you’re a fan of that legendary band, Tame Impala tend to exist in the psychedelic era of that group. Listen to “Elephant” in its entirety below.

Tame Impala

credit: Matthew Saville

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