First Listen: Ophelia Syndrome – All Things Forgotten

Ophelia Syndrome is a seven-piece chamber rock group consisting of members: Deanna Wells, Andrew Barbisan, Leon Furs, Trina Nadeau, Adrian McFarlane, and Loretta Hale. The band just released their new album, All Things Forgotten, that front-woman Deanna describes as vivid memories. Quite frequently I comment on how horrible my memory is, and these songs are little snapshots of moments and thoughts that I might have forgotten otherwise. At some point everything blurs together, you can only hope for some clarity in the chaos.” Listen to All Things Forgotten below.

Released 17 April 2012
Adrian McFarlane: drums, percussion
Trina Nadeau: cello, percussion
Deanna Wells: vocals, piano, B3, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, bells, percussion
Josh Kohler: bass, vocals, percussion
Andrew Barbisan: guitar, lap steel, vocals, percussion, siren
Leon Furs – vocals, percussion, synthesizer, programming
Loretta Hale: trumpet
Recorded at Catherine North Studios in Hamilton
Recorded and mixed by moon:and:6 at Catherine North Studios in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
Mix assistant: Marcone.
Produced by moon:and:6 and Ophelia Syndrome
Mastered by Trevor Norris

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