Belle Mare Carry You Through Open Fields of Imagination w/ “The Boat of the Fragile Mind”

Belle Mare

Belle Mare’s fragile music will collapse your soul.

I’ve been looking for something like Belle Mare for a while now. The Brooklyn duo of Amelia Bushell and Thomas Servidone combine hauntingly beautiful vocals with sparse instrumentation, creating these OPEN fields of imagination. Your mind will wander and then get pulled back by Bushell’s melodic, hushed singing. The duo will make their debut with The Boat of the Fragile Mind EP. Get on board with the duo’s title track from the release. You won’t be sorry.

Download: “The Boat of the Fragile Mind”

Belle Mare The Boat Of The Fragile Mind

The Boat Of The Fragile Mind EP
Out April 9th, 2013
Track Listing:

1. Charade
2. The Once Happy Heart
3. The Boat Of The Fragile Mind
4. All This Time
5. Deep In Your Dark
6. The City
7. Rehearsed Lines
8. So Long

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