A Trip To the Eye Doctor Leads to a Psychedelic Experience w/ Visuals “Levitation”

Visuals provide a video worthy of their name.

Just who are Visuals? A couple of guys from Brooklyn digging on Beck, Suicide, Josef K, Gary Numan, and Harry Partch is an easy enough answer. However, I think it’s best to get an idea of the band from their video for “Levitation”super trippy, and then read their own synopsis of the group below.

“VISUALS” a how-to guide

this is how to remember it, anyway

late one afternoon on a sunday we were watching the directors cut of blade runner when the tape got eaten. having no tools or know how at the time, but being in desperation to find out what happens, we were forced to splinter an Orange Juice record into strips in order to pry our stripe from the cassette guts. it didn’t work. soon enough were smashing our CDs too, then the laptop guts next and the cell phone glass all went to pieces for the cause and were all locked up in there like the dog who ate the cat who ate the mouse. around that time we had it together enough for a drum kit and guitar and we were close to rending all that to pieces when in came the bass player, who was talking sense and mentioned that we should probably reapply ourselves to practice rather than keep on with our maniacal business. and so we rented a little closet in Bushwick and got to work.”


Find more about the band at their Bandcamp.

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