Ginger and The Ghost – “One Type of Dark” (Ta-ku Remix)

Ginger and the Ghost

Ginger and The Ghost’s new remix suggests more than one type of dark.

The Sydney-based duo Ginger and the Ghost have released a remix of their song, “One Type of Dark”, courtesy of Ta-ku. Download it below.

In Ginger’s own words: “One Type of Dark” is a story about my inner child’s imagination. As she leaves a subconscious dreamstate in bed, she floats out of the window and into thoughts of otherworldly places. Questions with infinite possibilities are asked while visions of herself play out fantastical adventures across far away galaxies. It’s a celebration of our imagination and the importance of keeping it.


3/11 @ 9pm : The Speakeasy/ Say Media / TasteMaker X Party (SXSW)
3/12 @ 2pm : B.D. Riley’s / SHE’LL BE RIGHT (SXSW) – a Sounds Australia Production
TBA: : Austin Conv Ctr / Int’l Day Stage OFFICIAL SXSW Showcase
3/14 @ 1pm : The Jackalope / Jambase and Get My Band Day Party
TBA: : Rusty/ The Musebox Showcase
3/15 @ 9pm : The Velveeta Room / OFFICIAL SXSW Showcase
3/16 @ 2:15pm : Maggie Mays (Gibson Room) / THE AUSSIE BBQ


3/10 @ 2pm : Los Angeles: The Echo / THE AUSSIE BBQ
3/20 @ 10.30pm : Toronoto, ONT: El Mocambo / Canadian Music Week OFFICIAL Showcase
3/21 @ 10pm : New York, NY: R Bar / Olivia “Noche De Los Muertos”
3/22 @ 8pm : New York, NY: Tammany Hall / Muse Box Party
3/24 @ 2:50pm : New York, NY: Sons Of Essex / THE AUSSIE BBQ (NYC)
3/27 @ 9pm : San Francisco, CA: Independent (support Poolside, Astronauts Etc)

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