Download: Mudhoney – “I Like It Small”


Mudhoney release second single from Vanishing Point.

Iconic rock band Mudhoney are gearing up to release their ninth full-length album, Vanishing Point, on April 2nd through Sub Pop Download the band’s second single from the new album, “I Like It Small”, below.

Mudhoney has persevered after 25 years in a business where new bands come and go like television shows on Fox. However, the band still has plenty left to say with songs written from a ‘seen-it-all’ vantage point while injecting their stories with little bits of humor.

Full Tracklisting:
01) Slipping Away
02) I Like It Small
03) What to Do with the Neutral
04) Chardonnay
05) The Final Course
06) In This Rubber Tomb
07) I Don’t Remember You
08) The Only Son of the Widow Nain
09) Sing This Song Of Joy
10) Douchebags on Parade

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