Lovers and Reflections – Swords Review

Lovers and Reflections Swords

An indie band for mainstream ears…30 years ago.

Self-Released, 2013

3.0 / 10

This is the second album from the duo that makes up Lovers and Reflections. The electronic/synth pop group has already put out their self-titled EP and now Swords is making its debut. With 11 tracks influenced by mostly 80s music, Lovers and Reflections will take you back in time. I can’t help but feel like I’m going to the disco when I listen to this. Giant hair and bright colors pop into my head. If you took some drugs, put on the iTunes visualizer with this album and you could have a freaking awesome trip. Sometimes all the reverb actually makes me feel like I’m surrounded by colors and good vibes.

A lot of synthesizer, chimes and tambourine are used in this album. And is that an accordion on “Bums and Beggars”? I don’t know about anyone else, but I really want to put on a suit and go dance. Regan Rebecca and Chris Moore are the duo who make up Lovers and Reflections. They wrote, performed, and produced Swords by themselves. They said they wanted this music to move people and make people move. Yet, the only place I find myself moving is as far away from the speakers as possible. There is a reason synth-pop died out with the 80s and that other genres and bands became popular.

“Bums and Beggars”

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