The Laurels – “Changing The Timeline”

The Laurels deliver an intentionally warped new video.

Sydney, Australia’s The Laurels are prepared to unleash their blend of psychedelic shoegaze on us lucky Americans on April 16th. The band will release its debut album, Plains. Says the band, it’s a search for meaning in an abstract, indefinite space; a reflection of interminably long drives from show to show through Australia‚Äôs rural landscape; the feeling that anything is possible but not quite knowing how to make it happen. They’ve released a intentionally warped video for the single, “Changing The Timeline”. Please trip responsibly.

The Laurels Plains

Plains Track List:

1. Tidal Wave
2. Changing The Timeline
3. Traversing The Universe
4. This City Is Coming Down
5. Glacier
6. Manic Saturday
7. Mesozoic
8. One Step Forward (Two Steps Back)
9. Sway Me Down Gently
10. A Rival


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