Suuns – Images Du Futur Review


Because you can’t make rock music without spelling your name wrong.

Secretly Canadian, 2013

4.3 / 10

Suuns work with atmospherics, experimentation, and undefined drama. These are tough ingredients to utilize, and there’s something to admire about a band tackling such ambitious prospects so fearlessly. It would be a lot easier to admire, though, if Suuns had remembered to bring good songs to the table.

Images Du Futur (roughly translated, “Images of the Future”—radical, I know) plays out more like a checklist of shoegaze clichés than a proper body of work. There is impressive guitar work here, and the vocals are processed to sound like they belong in a Radiohead song, but these songs lack heart and emotion, rendering the efforts, for the most part, moot. There were very few times when I could appreciate a groove because the band would throw in a sound that doesn’t fit in, ruining the effect, and I shouldn’t get this tired halfway through an album that is barely forty-five minutes long.

I suppose that one could dig into all of the influences these guys have and parse through the distorted vocals to understand what the band was going for, and I expect some folks to do just that to justify their appreciation for this album. The thing is, though, that “digging for more meaning” is the sort of thing I save for music that grabs my attention in the first place, and that doesn’t describe Images Du Futur in the slightest. I’ll put it this way: if you like the title of this album, take a look back at the course of your life to figure out where things went horribly, horribly wrong you’ll find a lot to love here.

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