Lorelei Shred Some Important Documents in Video, “Hole Punch”

Lorelei take you on an adventure in paper shredding.

Lorelei have released a new video for “Hole Punch”, taken from the band’s most recent album, Enterprising Sidewalks. The clip was created by band member Matt Dingee and long-time collaborator Dan Searing, former member of Slumberland Records recording artists Whorl and The Saturday People.

Catch the band at the upcoming date below:

4/05 Washington DC – Comet Ping Pong w/Sea Lions and Golden Grrrls

Lorelei Enterprising Sidewalks cover art

Enterprising Sidewalks
Street Date: Aug. 14, 2012

1. Hammer Meets Tongs
2. Majority Stakes
3. Wound Up
4. Let Go Of Our Ego
5. Three Interlocking Screens
6. Outside Through The Keyhole
7. Dismissal Conversation
8. Hole Punch
9. Sorry For The Patience
10. Measured In Fingers

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