My Gold Mask – Leave Me Midnight Review

My Gold Mask Leave Me Midnight

Tasteful goth pop that goes pretty much nowhere.

My Gold Mask / Goldy Tapes, 2013

6.2/ 10

Howling vocals rear their grotesque head right out of the gates on the duo My Gold Mask‘s latest album Leave Me Midnight. The shrieking timbre of Gretta Rochelle mixed with the dark crooning of guitarist Jack Armondo allow this unique brand of goth-pop to easily sink its teeth into the listener. “Burn Like The Sun” features the dual vocals perfectly with simple guitar strumming reverberating chords, lightly accompanying in the background. Ignoring the emo-tinged lyrics, this track is upbeat and catchy and will hook skeptics immediately. “Further It Gets” is another great example of when the duo steps out of the shadows and lays down an optimistic groove.

Rochelle’s vocals land somewhere between Ritzy Bryan (The Joy Formidable) and Karen O (Yeah Yeah Yeahs). Coming from Chicago, the duo craft a ghoulish post-garage pop sound that is left unpolished by the perfect amount. There is barely any instrumentation beyond drums except for some synth work that pairs nicely with the treble-raised guitar like on “In Our Babylon”. “Without” comes a little out of leftfield with an unavoidable Blondie sound. My Gold Mask sits comfortably between 80s new-wave pop and gothic gloom music like The Cure from the same era. The music does become dull after a while. Writing is definitely not the duo’s strong suit. They have some catchy melodies and both players can sing fairly well, but there’s nothing too stellar on Leave Me Midnight. Once you’ve heard “Burn Like The Sun” and “Never Go Home” (the stand out tracks for me), you can pretty much assume much of the same.

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  1. K.J. Malofy

    Although this review has some valid points, I disagree with the bland and going nowhere implications. I truly love this record as well as their previous efforts. I love Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s The Cure and any other lo-fi gothic sounds so to me they are the new wave of what pop music has been missing
    . I find her voice soothing and powerful and the production, while low key is phenomenal. Definitely a headphone masterpiece.
    I have all their records and eps and must say they are great and growing stronger with each release.
    Agreed, their music is not for everyone but for those who are open minded towards your musical tastes and enjoy this Genre, this is the group for you! Seeing them live was one of the best shows I have seen in a long time!
    To each their own.
    And to me they are a breath of fresh air to the Indie scene and remain consistent to their hardcore underground fan base.
    Thanks again guys… Can’t wait to catch ya live again!

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