Loveskills – Multiplicity Review

Loveskills Multiplicity

If someone takes my advice and puts Loveskills on the radio, contact me, because I’ll listen to this shit all day long.

No Shame, 2013

8.8 / 10.0

Some electronic music is best danced to. Some is best experienced sitting with eyes closed. Multiplicity falls more into the former category. To be clear, the categories aren’t mutually exclusive and inclusion in the former doesn’t imply lesser quality. Loveskills’ new album fits best into dance (not to be confused with the sub-genre), because of its consistent pop lyrics. Most electronic artists feature singers, but here the tradition is replaced by a staple pop-esque voice. Again, this isn’t a dig against the artist, because I really enjoy the album. Actually, this is music that will continue to garner the electronic genre more positive publicity, as it integrates the former king, pop, with the emerging conquest of electronic music.

The one unfortunate outlier here is “Cover Me.” The 80’s disco synths and beats rubbed me the wrong way with images of the slew of shitty “indie-electronic” I’ve endured. It improves towards the middle, but don’t let this detract from the fun of the rest of the album. “Flash In The Dark” immediately redeemed the flow and actually had me standing up from my chair attempting interpretive electronica dancing. My silliness halted when the bass pounding erupted from the progressive house gem that is “Ex Files.” I’m in love with this track; it removed all harsh assumptions about the vocalist.

Nothing on this album can compare with the energy of “Genorate.” This belongs on the radio and would draw millions to electronic music with its hints of Trap, Dance, and Pop. Funnily enough, this is the only track that features another vocalist. Collaborative efforts succeed commercially because the style of an already appreciated artist is altered without compromising its heart. The same applies here. Seriously, if anyone reading this manages the playlist on a radio station, put this song on; I guarantee you’ll attract and maintain lots of listeners.

If someone takes my advice, contact me, because I’ll listen to this shit all day long.

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